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completely oblivious as to what was happening at school, and who had joined back, mingyu and wonwoo's day continued as if it were a fairy tale dream. they spent together hand in hand. briefly visiting the mall. drinking boba tea. playing ddr games at the arcade. eating out at a local barbecue house. watched a movie. mingyu had offered to pay everything they did for the day, but wonwoo's stubbornness wouldn't allow it, as wonwoo was the one who offered to spend the day out, he wanted to pay for everything.

whilst wonwoo was in the dressing rooms, trying on a few clothes for a reason the elder didn't tell mingyu, the younger went browsing through areas of the store that caught his eye.

and a particular jewellery area was pulling him in with its shining watches, rings and necklaces.

he walked towards the white, lit up section of the store, glass chambers that stored diamond rings and golden necklaces alike lined up in neat rows. he will admit it, the jewellery were tempting to buy, or steal. but he told himself that he would change his ways just for wonwoo.

the lady behind the glass counter cabinets constantly suggested different jewellery offers to mingyu, but mingyu kindly declined and just continued to admire the shining jewels.

but two silver rings caught his eye. they were silver titanium rings, bands that would wrap around your finger easily. on the inside, they had an engraving of the words 'i love you' in a darker grey colour.

"excuse me." mingyu called out, the lady coming to his service with a small smile on her thin lips. "can i see those two silver rings, please?"

"of course, sir." the lady said as she took used one of the keys on her hanging chain to open the glass cabinet. she took out the mini stand where the two rings were delicately placed on a maroon, velvet pillow. "these promise rings are from our limited edition collection, due to valentine's day coming up soon. despite the expensive material, we're only selling them for 55,000 won (around $45) because of the special holiday. they're perfect for couples."

55,000 won. that's cheaper than i'd expect them to be. but i don't have the cash on me right now. maybe i should do some part-time jobs... so i can buy these for him.

but for valentine's day? that's in a three weeks. that'll surely be enough time to save up enough money.

"mingyu!" he heard wonwoo call out his name, turning to see wonwoo walking out of the dressing room, holding a few shirts on their hanger in his hand.

mingyu turned back to the lady who managed to see who mingyu was looking at. "are you thinking of buying them for that boy over there?" she said with a softened smile on her face, both of them look at wonwoo, who was helplessly walking around, trying to find mingyu amidst the crowd of people who were shopping.

mingyu was slightly shocked that she was able to tell just from him looking at the elder. "how did you-? how did you know?"

she lightly chuckled. "i know love when i see it."

the hearing of the word love when talking about wonwoo dusted mingyu's cheek. the woman took a clipboard that was next to the register, a pen hanging on a metal beaded thread, and placed it in front of mingyu. he was confused at first but then she explained, "write your name here and the what you want the rings to say. i'll reserve a set for you, so when you're able to get them, i'll have them engraved and given to you."

"wow- thank you, so much." mingyu said with gratitude to the woman, the brightest smile on his face as he wrote his name and the phrase he wanted engraved on the rings.

what should i have it say? it should be special. it should have meaning to the both of us.

mingyu then had perfect phrase to have engraved onto the rings, writing it down and then thanking the lady, again.

he met up back with wonwoo, and by met up, he hid inside on of the big, circular clothing racks and surprised the elder from behind when he walked past.

"MINGYU-! you can't-" wonwoo said, trying to catch his breath from the jump scare, whilst mingyu was beside him laughing his head off. wonwoo harshly, but playfully, slapped mingyu on the arm and scolded, "you can't just scare me like that! my heart almost jumped out of my chest."

"good thing i'll always be there to catch it." mingyu joked, faking a thinking pose then joking again, "oh wait, i had already caught it when we first kissed."

"you're so cheesy, i swear." wonwoo said, the two walking out of the store since wonwoo had bought everything he needed.

"only for you. and plus, you like it when i'm cheesy. it fulfils your fantasy romance ideas you like to read about." mingyu said, nudging the elder who only huffed out a defeated sigh, because mingyu was completely correct.

they didn't even realise they were at the mall for so long until the drove out of the indoor parking lot, their windscreen view being painted with the harmonious colours of late sunset, dying the sky in oranges and pinks. "there is just one last stop before this date is over."

"and are you going to keep the secret of its location again?" mingyu asked as he leaned on the window of the car, facing himself so he could just stare at wonwoo as he drove.

"yup, but you're quite familiar with the place we're going."

after a while of driving, the car stopped at the top of the cliff, next to the watch tower with the star-lit city in view. it was the same place wonwoo ended up after chasing mingyu on the second day of reformation.

and somehow, it was a special place for the two.

although this being their second time visiting together, the first time still had some happy and fun memories. it was the first time wonwoo had ventured far from the areas he was used to. the time mingyu had given the painting of the city he had done himself, which was still hanging by wonwoo's desk in his bedroom. it was the first time wonwoo really opened up about his life when his parents were here, despite mingyu still being a total stranger. it was when they made a deal so wonwoo could prove mingyu wasn't as much of a bad boy he says he is.

this clifftop watch tower, although it may not be much to others, it felt like a special place to mingyu and wonwoo.

it was a place where all their memories were to be stored, and forever remain.

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