Lindsey POV

I woke up in an room that seemed to be a bedroom. It had Black walls, one of them with what seems like snow flakes, another one with stars and the moon, another one with a t.v. and a shelve full of video games and movies. the last one had a desk pushed againsted it, 2 moniters and a mic. I went over to the moniters and went onto youtube, i moved over to Chugga's channel and watched his recent video of Xenoblade (Ze-no Blade) Chronicles. 

"Huh, thats what i was hearing this morning, and i thought i was dreaming of recording again" Emile said as he stood against my door frame. 

"Yeah you know your voice isnt that bad when you sing." I told him my accent coming through. "When i wake up i still have my accent. so your gonna have to deal with it!"  I told Emile while spinning around in my spinny chair.

"I like it, Masea is gonna come around later and take you shopping, your gonna start school in a few days. I'm also gonna get more water since jon drank it all.'' he told me while i stiffled my laughter.

********************************* 2 hours later*******************************************

"Dad we're home!! i yelled while Masea laughed. We had a few bags in our hands each with things i'll need for school and for at home.Home. I never thought i would ever get to call a place that. i have a home! 

"You should put on something nice, we're gonna go out to eat with, Steven, Mal,Jon,Tim, and Masea! We're gonna go to a resturant, then home to record some games with everyone!" Emile told me after masea left.

"Okay should i do an accent to see how people will react? I asked a smile on my face.

he nodded his head, before he left to his room to put something nice on. I looked through my bag of clothes ( out fit of what shes wearing. to lazy to describe it.) I took what i was wearing into the bathroom to take a shower. After my shower wrapped myself up in a towel and went into my room, i brushed my hair and put in a black headband, hidding it in my hair. i dried myself off and put on the dress i was wearing. i put on  a light masscara and eyeshadow. 

"Lindsey, you almost done?" Emile asked me through the door, i've been done i was busy watching Fairytail on netflix. i grabbed my purse and headed out my door. Emile drove us to the resturant and i saw a group of people. i could tell who jon was because he was wearing his hat over his curly hair. I couldnt wait to surprise them with my accent it's gonna be a fun night!

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