I knew that I loved him, but did he really love me for being, well me. He completely ignored me, or mocked me, before. Does that mean he's only with me for my new looks?

I looked at myself in my bedroom mirror, not being big headed, but I was really pretty, is that why he wanted me now?

But the way we speak, and tell eachother anything had got to count for something. If he didn't like my personality, why would he spend so much time with me?

I was so wound up with it all, that I found sleep really hard. But of course, in the end I drifted away.

The next morning I got up and got ready for school, as normal. I was excited to see Justin, but not just for the obvious reasons. I wanted to quiz him slightly, but not in a way that makes me look desperate, and find out why he really did want to be with me.

But he wasn't there.

Amy was waiting in his usual place, at the end of my street along with Emily and Jack. I walked up to them, a little disapointed.

"Hey." I smiled to them all. "Where's Justin?"

"I don't know, but he's late!" Emily said, impatiently. She was tapping her foot on the side walk, indicating that she was bored.

We waited for him for a few minutes, but we had to go, or we would be late, and I didn't want another day in Student Suport.

We got there with five minutes to spare, so we decided to sit on the grass for a while. I wasn't listening to much of the convorsation, just worrying if something bad had happened to Justin. What if he got hit by a car on his way?!

No, he didn't, stop over reacting, I told myself.

Then I spotted her, and my eyes buldged. Her hair wasn't looking perfect, and her makeup, well for once there wasn't any. Jack followed my gaze.

"Woah, what happened to Amber?" He asked, as shocked as I was.

The group all turned to look at her, and she noticed. She quickly turned around, so she couldn't make eye contact.

That was strange, what did Amber have to be upset about.

Then I thought back to Justin.

Was she upset that he's with me now?

I didn't have a chance to ask her, because the bell rang. Justin still wasn't here. We walked across to the steps, to get to class. I was about to walk through the doors, when I remembered my sunglasses.

"Guy, I'm just going to get my glasses!" I said, but it was too late, they had been mixed with the crowd.

I pushed my way back to the door.

"Where are you going, young lady?" Asked a teacher.

"I forgot my glasses, sir, they're on the grass."

"Okay then, quickly fetch them."

I opened the door, then stopped still, my eyes wide.

Justin was hugging Amber, on the playground. I took a double take, just to make sure, but there was nothing I could to forget the truth. Amber was in streams of tears, sobbing into Justin's chest, probably telling him how much he missed her. Stupid coww.

I felt the tears fill up in my eyes, so much for mine and Justin's love. By the looks of things, he was still in love with somebody else, and I was just the pathetic rebound girlfriend. I told myself that they were tears of anger, not tears of sadness. But of course, that was no use.

I stormed across the playground and grabbed my glasses, then stormed back. Just as I reached the steps, they broke apart.

There was no way that it had been just a friendly hug.

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