Jäger Program Reborn

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"Nee-san!" Erin whispers, "Nako we're being deployed!"

Nako wakes up, rubbing her eyes and pushing Erin away from her face.

"Level 3 Kaiju, off the coast of Hiroshima..." Erin rambles, "Nee-san. Our friends are. There.."

Nako hops off of her top bunk, she stands there... With a concerned expression. She takes one of her jackets and puts it around her, not bothering to put her arms through her sleeves.

"Suit up quickly..." Nako jolts, in a serious tone, "Ayami and Kiami are there... Close..."

"Whenever you say something in that tone, shit gets real." Erin smirks

"That's because I'm gonna give those Kaiju a grim reminder," Nako said, "To never mess with Colossal Titan."

"I couldn't agree with you more." Erin said, "But a good reminder, V-"

"Vengeance won't bring back anyone," she replies, "I know."

Nako and Erin leave their cabin and walked to their deployment bay. 

Soon inside their armory, they suited up in their circuit drive suit and awaited their crew to apply the armor onto their bodies.

Off the coast of Hiroshima, Ayami, and Kiami stand at the harbor, seeing something off in the distance.

"What is that??" Kiami asks

No response from Ayami. Once she got a closer glimpse at the creature, she dragged Kiami back...

"Kaiju..." Ayami whispers

Kiami's expression of curiosity, turns into an expression of fear. Ayami took her hand and start running toward into the city.

"I hope Nako is okay, piloting a Jaeger!" Kiami said, "I Worry for her sometimes."

"I know her Kiami," Ayami said, "She'll be okay. She's been trained to do this."

They began scouting out for shelter; they were too late, they were already closed off from the surface... They banged on the doors to try to have the officials let them in. It was no use, they had already locked it off form the outside, making it impossible for them to hear whoever's on the outside.

"We're going to die Ayami..." Kiami whines

"Don't say that, we just have to stay low and out of sight" Ayami says

They exit the closed off bunker and start running for cover. They heard helicopters. The looked up into the sky and saw the helicopters carrying a Jaeger; Mark- 6 Colossal Titan.

"It's Nako!" Kiami yelled, "I know that Jaeger anywhere!"

Ayami runs out onto the destroyed street. She and Kiami climb a mountain of cars to get a better view. The Jaeger turns around and gives them a gesture.

"So those are your friends you told me about Nee-san." Erin says, "They must mean a lot to you."

"So much." Nako replies, "Lets focus on this Level 3 Kaiju first. You choose our weapon."

"I want to try this weapon," Erin suggests, activating the Photon Sword, "We've been using our pinpoint sniper cannon too much. I want to try in close combat."

"Whatever you want." Nako says, "As long we can kill it using this weapon, I'll let your side try it."

From the right hemisphere of the Jaeger, a bright purple beam light appeared from its gauntlet. Nako and Erin started moving their feet, synchronized.

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