Chapter 7: Peeta

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"Hey Johanna" I say through the glass "are you okay?" I see her eyes are red and puffy. She smiles weakly.

"Yeah just this whole 'fixing me' is getting pretty scary" she says on the verge of tears. "They want me to take Patrons, but they can't get me to because they have no leverage, they killed all their leverage the first time" she says bitterly, still about to cry. I smile at her and she laughs.

"What are they doing to you?" I ask. She looks at me nervously and I gesture to her that she doesn't need to tell me. She smiles again and takes a deep breath.

"They have been drowning me close to death. And they've been beating me, shocking me, trying to rape me" she says shuttering. I frown and she smiles weakly. We sit back to back with a glass wall between us.

We sit together for around and hour until the lights dim and we get ready for bed. I sleep and have nightmares of Katniss. I wake up before everyone and I sit up. I throw the thin sheet off of me and step onto the cold white floor. I wait for the guards and they don't come.

I feel my stomach growl and try to keep quiet.

"You're hungry" Johanna says slightly awake. I smile at her.

"Well we both haven't eaten in at least a week" she smiles and sits up on her metal bed. I lift my shirt and see that I am getting skinny even with my already fit waist. I try to count the days  we've been here but can't fully count because the days and nights are confusing. The first couple, days maybe, I was stuck in a dark room with no sense of time and barely any light. I try to occupy myself with some songs from District 12 but they don't distract me enough. I start to think of Katniss and frown angrily.

"Peeta, time to go" two guards say in unison as they open my door and cuff me. They lead me to the same room and strap me into the same chair. I sit as the inject me with what I call loopy serum and watch the monitor. They get a video on a newly painted screen and prepare me. I start to get angry just thinking about Katniss.

"She killed my family" I scream as the screen shows Katniss from the 75th Annual Hunger Games "She's evil" I watch her angrily as she kills off innocent tributes and innocent animals. I thrash against my restraints but today they don't let me go. I try to get out of the straps but with no success. they finally turn the screen off and inject me with a small dose of calming drug. 

I immediately calm down and the dizziness fades completely. They release me once my heart-beat and breathing have calmed down. I step out of the chair and shake off any left over bitterness. They cuff me and lead me to my cell. Johanna isn't in her cell and I start to get worried. I sit on my bed anxiously, waiting for her.

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