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Julia Good/Ambrose

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About me

Birth name:Julia Good

Resides:Las Vegas Nevada



Promotions:Hollywood records(In real life to)

Band:Cherri Bomb

Plays:lead guitar/lead singer

Stage name:Julia Ambrose

Bio: Hey I'm Julia Good last name sound familiar Yup I bet it does my dad is WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose yas I know fangirl I won't judge haha just kidding no need to fangirl. Oops let's get back on track My favorite color is blue u can obviously tell by my hair(pic up top) I formed Cherri Bomb around 2008 I think I was 11 or 12 I don't remember I'm the lead singer and I play guitar he he but enough about me let go meet my best friends Rena Nia and Miranda.

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