43. You thought (slight M)

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"Hello- Oh" An unknown male stepped into their room, startling the couple that were busy making out on the bed. Jungkook blushes furiously, trying to get Taehyung off of him but the man wouldn't budge.


Jungkook gasps, "babe, don't be so rude!"

Taehyung glances to his boyfriend, "He was rude first, barging into our room without knocking"

"S-Sorry about that, um, I'm just here to say hi, I'm your new roommate, Eric" The boy was tall and slender, blue eyes and blonde hair. 

"Yeah, I'm Taehyung, this is Jungkook, my boyfriend, now get out," The older growled and turned back to his lover, wanting to devour the smaller.

Jungkook squeaked when he felt his boyfriend's lips latch onto his neck, drawing a whimper from him as the kisses get more intense. The older smirks onto his skin, hands venturing up his shirt, slowly gliding them to Jungkook's nipples.


Jungkook moans out, his nipples hardening as the older rolled them between his fingers, sending little shocks of pleasure through him.

Taehyung slips his thigh between the youngers, rubbing ever so slightly against the smaller's crotch which has the smaller mewling lewdly.

"That's not my name baby boy~" Taehyung purrs out, eyes glinting with dark promises.

"D-Daddy!" Jungkook whimpers out, thighs trembling slightly as the pressure on his member increased. Jungkook was at the older's mercy, having his hands tied to the bed.

The smaller glanced at the door, only to turn a dark red from embarrassment when he sees the new roommate is standing there with wide eyes and a slack jaw.

"T-Tae-" Taehyung growls, spanking his exposed thigh harshly, Jungkook gasping and biting his lip.


"Yes, bub?"

"H-He is still here," Jungkook mumbles shyly, eyes cast down. Taehyung frowns, looking to the door and his eyebrows furrow when he sees his baby was right.

"Dude, what the fuck? Leave! We are busy!" Taehyung shouts and Eric seems to come out of shock, now turning a deep red. Jin happens to pass by, popping his head into the room after hearing shouting.

"What's going on here?"

Taehyung scowls, "I'm trying to fuck my baby but this weirdo is watching us"

Jin made a disgusted face, "You two are like sex demons, is this not the second time having sex since you came back yesterday?"


"Shut up Taehyung," Jungkook huffs out, feeling very uncovered at the moment.

Jin turns to Eric, "I'm sorry about these two, they are very sexually active so good luck in the room next to them, cause Jungkook is loud"

Jungkook gasps, "It's not my fault I'm loud! This tiger man drills into me like an animal on heat!"

Taehyung chuckles, "Oh darling, I just love making you scream for me" 

"Fucking pervert," Jin and Jungkook shoot out at the same time.

"Well, who wouldn't be perverted over my baby's amazing bubble butt? And his needy moans-"

"Say another word and I will not have sex with you," the smaller threatens, but his boyfriend just smirks wickedly.

"Oh angel, you do realize you are tied up? At my mercy?"

Jungkook's eyes widened, realizing he was right. Taehyung could just keep him tied up and fuck him, not that he would mind cause that sounds really hot-

His cheeks flare, turning to the two at the door and glaring at them, "Okay leave, I want my boyfriend to fuck me"

Jin shoots us a grossed out face, dragging Eric out and closing the door.

"Actually, I have something else in mind," Taehyung muses mischievously, climbing off of him and going to their side table. Jungkook watches his boyfriend, raising an eyebrow when he sees, lube, a pink tube-like object, and a remote.


"You will wear this today," Taehyung gestures to the pink tube, getting back on the bed and going near his boyfriend. Jungkook allows his boyfriend to peel off his underwear, shivering slightly as the cold air hit his exposed private areas.

Taehyung smirked as he opened Jungkook's legs, picking up the pink tube-like object and lathering it in lube. As soon as he deemed it wet enough, he placed it against Jungkook's pink hole, the smaller gasping at the coldness.

A small whimpered as it was pushed into him, walls clenching around the object.

"Look at me bub"

Jungkook looks at his boyfriend, shivering under his heated gaze.

"You are not allowed to take this out, okay?"


"And no touching yourself without daddy's permission, okay?"

"Yes daddy..."

"Good boy," Taehyung flashes a wolfish grin, reaching up and untying his boyfriend. Jungkook is a little upset about not getting fucked- but he's also curious about the pink thing up his ass, so he doesn't complain.

"Now, school starts in thirty minutes, so why don't we get ready?"

Oh shoot, Jungkook completely forgot about school. Wait. HE HAS TO KEEP THE PINK THING IN HIM DURING SCHOOL?!

"U-Um yeah, okay"

The two get up, shower together while splashing soap and water on each other, giggling heard and shrieks of laughter heard from the bathroom. Once done, the couple gets dressed, Taehyung wearing blue jeans and a plain white shirt, Gucci shoes proudly displayed. Jungkook instead wears tight black skinny jeans, his boyfriend's large black shirt, and some black combat boots he was given from his parents.

The two go down to the kitchen, greeting their friends as they made some toast.

"Yah, midget"


Jungkook giggles, throwing a piece of his food onto Jimin.

The youngest gasps suddenly, eyes lit up as he calls to Taehyung.


"Yes baby?" He looks up from his food, Eric now sitting next to him, watching the scene unfold.

"Do you want to see the butterfly?" (Ya'll better know this)

"Sure baby"

"Jungkook no-"

The younger scoops a large portion of butter onto his finger, a cheeky smile on his face before flicking his finger into the air, shooting the butter up. 

Jin cackles, "Majestic!"

The others watch in half amusement, half horror as the butter flies across the kitchen, landing onto Jimin.


The youngest shrieks, running from the kitchen with a fuming mochi hot on his heels.



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