Foreign Affairs Chapter 7

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The music from the band spreads elegantly around the glowing ballroom as everyone chatters away in their small groups and dance in pairs on the dance floor. The air smells of sweet icing, alcohol and cigarettes so strongly that it dims away the icy temperature when it brushes against my skin. 

I hadn't expected it to be so cold, but even if  I had, it wasn't up to me what I wore. I took another sip of my water and move my bored eyes over onto the dance floor. Lilliandil and Caspian were dancing happily together. I sighed to myself and, standing up, walk through the crowd and step out to the balcony door. I close the balcony door shutting the loud, busy ballroom. My eyes watch beach waves slowly rolled up and down under the shimmering flow of the moonlight. Beautiful. 

A sound of the balcony door close behind me. I cock my head around to see a dark figure not too far away from me. The dark figure took a step forwards and came into sight. It was Caspian. I cock my head back around, overlooking the mountains. 

“Care to join me?” he ask. I look back and saw his arm was outstretched. One dance didn’t hurt. I place my hand onto his warm one and slow dance. None of us spoke each other. The soft sounds of music was played through the doors. 

“Are you mad at me?” he spoke breaking the silence. 

“No, what makes you think that?”

“You’re not looking at me,” 

I looked at his chin. He had shaved today. 

“Is there a reason you would explain to me why you gave me a ring and then be engaged?!” 

“I can explain that.” 

I broke contact away from him, leaning over the edge of the balcony. I spotted a small pink flower and start picking at it. 

“I know it was wrong to hurt you like this-” 

“Then don’t lead me on Caspian. I can’t compete with these conflicting feelings for you and Sam. I feel like I’m cheating the two of you; one in New York and one in imaginary Narnia…” 

“Would you go back to Sam now?” he ask. He hadn’t move from where he stood. 

“Don’t ask me questions to which you already know,” 

“Ava,” he started but I ignored him going back inside. The music was loud again with lively music bringing many people dancing and laughing. 

“Ava!” he called. I ran through the huge crowd and look back to see his eyes searching for me. I walk out of the ballroom and toward the hallway, ready to go to sleep. As the music getting faint, my heels click softly against the steps so I bent down to take them off. 

“Bad day, Ava?” A female spoke behind me. I gasp, swiftly turning around to see Lilliandil perched on the thick railing. 

“How did you know my name?” 

“My darling Caspian told me. You are very known around here,” 

“Yes, well so do you. Good night,” I turn back around to walk but Lilliandil appeared in front of me. 

“He spoke very much about you,” said Lilliandil as she took a step forward when I step back. 


She laugh, the sound of nails scratching against a chalk board, “Who do you think?” 

“Shouldn’t you be in the ballroom dancing with your fiance?” I emphasize fiance heavily. 

“I’m luck you know,” Lilliandil says ignoring my question. I rolled my eyes, stepping aside, continuing to walk up the stairs. 

“I’m sure you are,” 

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