1, a first encounter.

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Despite the importance of a first impression, Suna Rintarou didn't exactly try his best.

He'd been sitting hunched over his desk, his phone cupped in his palms, when the sound of a chair screeching made him jump and the alarmed face of a girl looked down at him. L/n, if he bothered remembering. He glanced at her curiously, her face having been one he'd never seen before, and his lips pressed into a slight frown.

"Sorry about the chair." Y/n apologized quietly, slipping into the empty seat next to him. She pulled out a textbook, methodically placing it in the corner of her desk, before following with a notebook and a pencil case the mottled colour of autumn. 

"It's nice to meet you...Suna?" She made an effort to be polite, despite the discomfort squirming in her throat. He looked— mean to say the least. Suna was easily around a head taller than most people in their class, with narrow, uncaring acid green-yellow eyes and dark brown hair parted down the middle, the ends seemingly naturally fluffed up.

"Suna Rintarou." He replied curtly.

Y/n nodded before focusing her attention on the lesson, nobody noticed her flinch slightly upon hearing his name. About twenty minutes in she decided to sneak another glance at the boy beside her, sensing eerie silence from him since the lesson began. 

'I can't even hear his pencil scratching on the paper.'

"Excuse me, hey, l/n-san?" A pencil poked her elbow as a voice whispered from behind her. Y/n turned around to meet the eyes of a gray-haired boy with an exasperated smile on his face. 

"Could you do me a favour and slap his face or something? Suna's. If sensei catches him asleep, he'll snitch and take me down with him. Not that it's my fault anyway."

Y/n turned away to look at Suna. He had his head propped up by his arm and his face was mushed into his hand as he dozed quietly. Mildly amused, she reached over and gently shook Suna's arm to try and rouse him but the boy slept on, completely undeterred by her attempt.

"Pull his hair." He suggested, undeterred by her stricken expression.

"What?! No way he'll hate that!" Y/n hissed back.

"Exactly, It's the only way he'll wake up." 

Y/n shook her head quickly, not wanting to make any enemies on her first day. The boy sighed heavily and asked to go to the washroom, passing between her and Suna as he stood up. A sharp tug on Suna's head woke the previously sleepy boy instantly, and he glared around looking for the culprit before making eye contact with a very nervous Y/n and then his grey-eyed friend.

"What's your deal?" Suna muttered.

"Keep him awake." The boy mouthed to Y/n from the entrance of the classroom.

Suna sighed heavily before fixing his lazy eyes onto her, irritation in his tone. "Don't bother."

"Do you need notes?" She asked, figuring that he did since he slept through half the lesson.

He considered for a moment, staring down at his own blank sheet. It wasn't that he was an awful student, he knew when effort was necessary. Though, even Suna had times when he slipped up, many times to be exact. "It's just one more hour 'Samu it isn't even that late." He muttered under his breath, mimicking his friend's whiny tone. Though, an extra hour of video games rapidly became two, and before he knew it, birds were chirping outside his window.

"I'll take that as a yes." Y/n sighed, placing the stack of papers on his desk. "Just— don't drool on them okay?"

Suna surprised her by snorting and retaliating to her jape. "Of course, I'll be sure to drown them until the ink melts."

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