💚 Things to do during quarentine 💚 (Em)

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During this very hard time, I've found myself being very bored and spending most of my time on my phone. I hate being glued to my phone so here are some fun things that I've done to fight off the boredom!

1. Do a makeover. I've done my nails so many times that I'm running out of nail polish! I've also done pedicures and I love doing them! Do some super fun hairstyles! I've found myself braiding my hair more and doing cute things with it.

2. Find a show to binge! Lately, I've been obsessed with Nancy Drew. Anyone else seen it? I love it! I've also been watching The Office. Find something that you love, grab some snacks, and go ahead and binge.

3. Go on a run. I absolutely love running. I love singing to my workout music and feeling the wind run through my hair. If you feel like your bored and need something fun to do, go run!

4. Play a sport. I'm a sports girl and I love finding new things to do ranging from working on my dunking to throwing a frisbee with my brother. Find something you love to do and enjoy it!

5. Video call your friends. I call my friends every day at 2 PM to get in some social time. Just because you can't see them in person doesn't mean you can't see them at all!

Hope y'all like these ideas! And please, PM me (shimmeringpearls ) if you have anything to say or need someone. Love y'all so much!


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