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ONE               if    you    play    a    canon
character,     please   try   to   play   them
accurately.    like,    i'm    not    going    to
have   ron   be   not    headass,     because
he     is.
TWO         lgbtq+     &    cross - character
relationships    are    fine.        this    group
includes     different      characters     from
different     shows    for    a    reason.
THREE             be    active!    i'll    under -
stand   if   you're    busy,       just    let    me
know     beforehand.
FOUR                  make    sure    that    you   
mention    me /  my   username   some -
where     on      your     account     because ..
free     self     promotion.
FIVE   comment    your    passwords   with
your     role    request.      the    first    pass -
word        is       your        favorite        disney
channel    character.         your    second    is
what    platform   you'd    like    the    group
chat     on.

open        /         reserved       /       taken

ron     stoppable.       / @stoppabIe
kim's     sidekick,     who,    admittedly,
doesn't   seem   like   much.    however,
he  always   seems   to   come  through.

kim     possible.      / pcssible
the     teen    vigilante    who    lets   her
identity    be    known. cheer captain
and professional multitasker.

shego ( lastname ).
kim's arch enemy, also bonnie's
stand in at this new school.
sarcasm levels are through the roof.

monique ( lastname ).
recruited for more behind - the -
scenes work. a fashion icon, &
a professional wrestling fanatic.

bree davenport.
the speed of the davenport kids.
has a no - shit attitude, but
also wants to fit in.

adam davenport.
comic relief? not the smartest,
but definitely the strongest. a
star athlete at the institute.

chase davenport.
the smarts. an introvert, and
he's always trying to keep his
siblings in check. #momgoals.

leo dooley.
he doesn't have too many
friends, but the ones he does
have are extremely loyal / close.

kazimieras ( lastname ).
goes by kaz'. voted class clown
two years in a row, &
best friends with oliver till the end.

oliver ( lastname ).
the "brake" of his friendship
with oliver. totally doesn't have
a supervillain mother.

skylar storm.
known as "connie valentine" to
her classmates. a secret bad -
ass who likes to dye her hair.

dipper pines.
a nerd, an introvert. tries a
bit too hard with his love
life, but is also acing his classes.

mabel pines.
almost direct opposite of her
brother, and does the most
for her friends, new or old.

bill cipher.
humanized, but only physically.
pretty psycho, and makes a
lot of shady deals with others.

k.c.     cooper.
the    best    at   what   she     does,
obviously.        sharp - minded    &
won't  hesitate  to  kick  your  ass.

brett    willis.
friends    with    K.C.,   but    deals
on  the   dark   side.  a   slick   spy  
&   skilled  with hand - to - hand.

star    butterfly.
transfer  student   &   part - time
queen   of  mewni.  very friendly,
but        watch        the        spells!

marco   diaz.
nacho    addiction,   &         owns
one  or   two  laser - eyed   pups.
kind    of    a     danger    magnet.

tom    lucitor.     / devilprogeny
a    hot - headed    demon    who
leads   the    underworld.     king
of   edgy,   but  not   really   evil?

mina    loveberry.
lives    by   old   standards,       &
a   havoc - wreaker  on  campus.
sailor           moon's         bootleg.

you    are    allowed   to    create   original
characters,          but   they   have   to    be
tied   in   with   one   of   the    shows   on
a   disney   channel    show.       you   can
also    request    characters    that   aren't
listed.      majors /          studies   will   be 
posted    soon.

To be Continued...
Last updated: Apr 29, 2020
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