❤️ Epilogue ❤️

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"Mr. Malhotra, What are you doing?... Leave my hand"

She requested as he was grabbing her arms and dragging her from the corridor to his cabin.
The employees are not yet out. As soon as the meeting got over, he dragged her out in a blink.

He locked his cabin door & fused his lips on her soft ones, with a sense of urgency... She was shocked but reacted immediately.

His kiss was hungry, consuming, yet sweet and tender, teasing and driving her body & soul to the essence of ecstasy. His right hand cupped the back of her neck to bring her closer and closer and his left hand roaming shamelessly exploring her moulds over her formals.
He dominates and smouched her lower lip while teasing her back. She moans as the pleasure running across her skin sensitizing her nerves. Taking full advantage of her parting lips & he dipped her tongue in her velvety sweet mouth.
Her moans did help in adding to his sense and his inner beast growled to come out. Exploring and seeking every crock n canny of her sweet honey, enjoying her taste to no extent, he finally left her mouth for her to catch a breath... But didn't stop himself!

He swiftly carried on his sweet torture on her by working his hot, rough dominating lips on her jawline, her sharp neck and going further down to her cleavage... His torture caused her to stop her breath even though her mouth is free to catch the breath.

She moans with closed eyes and her hands traveling to his think hairs which she liked to ruffle always.
Hearing his name coming from her as a moan made him uncontrollable & his hand started to open her shirt buttons in urgency to explore more, without caring about their surrounding.

But his action brought her to awareness of the time & place and she caught his hands resisting his work. He groaned in displeasure for getting stopped.

"Manik, we are at your office." She made him understand softly.

"Let's go home" He voiced coming out of her neck.

"Manik" She scolded.

"What?" He faked annoyance.

"Why are you furious a time back?" She asked softly looking at his eyes.
She knew that he was angry during the whole meeting & the kiss of urgency is to calm him down.

"I didn't like it." He spoke again nuzzling his head in the crook of her neck and inhaling her scent.

"Like what?" She asked ruffling his hair to calm him down and give him peace & care.

"You're talking with the foreigners so sweetly and laughing on god knows what & I couldn't even understand if they are praising or flirting with you...
I just don't like it." He complained like a child and hug her tightly.

She couldn't help but chuckle hearing him.

"You are laughing?" He asked in disbelief looking at her face.

"You're jealous!" She laughed more. And he left her and turned around grumpily.

"Okay baba... Sorry! But they are just praising me. No one can flirt with me except one!" She declared.

"Who?" His eyes widen and he turns back to her, seeking the answer.

"My handsome husband" She said with a shy smile and her answer gave a twist to his lips.

"So he's handsome hun?" He asked grabbing her by her waist, pulling her close.

"Yes! More than you" She answered playfully.

"Acchaa... Then his wife must be more hotter & sexier." He said causing her cheeks crimson.

"Oh God! You will be death of me!" He kissed her red cheeks... She blushed more.

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