Ch. 3

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Sang's outfit on top ^

Sorry guys if I portrayed Kayli as a bad person. I swear she's not! I just don't exactly like her and most people don't either. hihi. Anyways, enjoy!


Chapter Three


"We should've just teleported." I hear Luke whine through Victor's phone which was on speaker. We took separate cars according to our house arrangements. Now, we were making our merry way into Charleston. Mr. B's car was ahead of us, leading the way while North's jeep trailed behind. We limited ourselves into three cars because we don't expect to be gone for long.

Everyone's luggage including mine are all in one moving truck which Corey drove with Raven.

"Mr. Taylor, unless you want to get caught, we cannot teleport to a mundane community. This is an undercover mission might I remind you." Mr. B scolds, his voice resonating from Victor's phone. Corey and Victor updated our phones so it can accept several calls simultaneously.

"Would've been faster teleporting, though." Luke mutters.

"Oi! At least you don't have to bunk with Si. He snores like a fucking giant." A thump fills the air as my hand comes in contact with Gabe's stupid head.

I glare at him from the passenger seat. "Says the idiot that burped in front of his first date, and blamed her for the nasty smell."

Gabe's blue eyes widen, "That was one time! Kota dared me!"

Kota snickers, putting his hands up in the air, "I'm innocent, don't bring me into the fight."

Gabe huffs.

"Come on guys, we all know Raven has the loudest snores." Marc laughs from the other line.

"I have the sexiest snores!" Raven proclaims, "Ask Corey." we all laugh at that. I can just imagine Corey's red face.

They announced their relationship to us a year ago, saying that they've been hiding it for two years. We would've been surprised if we didn't already know. We figured it out, everytime they disappear together, everytime they secretly hold hands when they thought we weren't looking. We supported their relationship, they deserve each other. Plus, it's always family first.

"Mine's sexier, crow!" North bellows.

"Psh South, my sleeping sounds gives ladies an organism." Raven lets out a confident chuckle. These two will never go a day without bugging one another. And I don't know how but Raven's improper english just made his statement sound even dirtier.

"Shit Rave." Brandon cusses out as Gabe does too behind me.

"Oh god, don't correct him Corey." Axel groans.

"That's gross, Raven!" Sean cries out.

"I wasn't planning to." Corey answers Axel.

"Crazy Russian." North mutters.

Everything goes quiet for the next few hours of driving. We distracted ourselves by either sleeping, reading or using our phones. We all perk up when Marc spoke.

"It sucks that Kayli isn't our soulmate."

I, Victor, Gabe and Kota stare at each other, the same thoughts in our heads. That bird is not the one for our Toma brothers. 

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