Chapter 12: Bittersweet memory

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"Alright, class dismissed." Astrid echoed throughout the arena.

"Good job today Astrid." Fishlegs said as they walked up and out of the academy. "You got almost everything right."

"Almost?" She said, irritated.

Heather arrived just in time because Fishlegs was about to get it. Astrid had her fist ready and everything, she does not like to be told she's wrong, which Hiccup had learned the hard way.

"Hey Astrid, Fishlegs." The raven haired woman said with her son in her arms.

"Hey Heather. Hey Njord." Astrid said, walking over and tickling Njords feet, making him giggle.

Fishlegs muttered a hello. He stood back and pushed the dirt around with his feet. Never did he gaze up to the women in front of him.

"Whats wrong Fishlegs? Speak up." Astrid said when she caught eye of him.

"She, uh, she has a that not...awkward?" He stuttered.

Astrid placed her hands on her hips and turned to him. "No it is not awkward, Fishlegs. Its normal, Heather is a grown woman who was married and had a child."

"He probably just has a perverted mind." Heather joked.

Fishlegs face grew bright red. The girls chuckled at him as he stormed off.

"I think you were probably right." Astrid said, still laughing.

"Would you like to grab something to eat with me at the Great Hall?" Heather asked.

Astrid nodded. "I would love too."

With that they left. Astrid was careful to watch her footing, not wanting a repeat of this morning, keeping an eye out for ice or solid snow.

Once they reached the the hall, Astrid opened the doors. They shuttered open and a giant glob of snow fell, toppling onto the blonde viking below. She was completely covered in white. Heather bit her lips, trying not to laugh.

Astrid uttered an annoying grunt. "Why! Why, why, why! Ugh, can I have anymore bad luck! First my shoes, then i fall and now I am covered in snow!"

She heard a snicker come from within the hall. Looking up, she saw Valka standing before her, red faced. Many were in the hall as well, laughing or just staring in shock at Astrid. Her cheeks flourished a bright red color.

"Hi Astrid." Valka said nervously.

The blonde roughly brushed the snow off her shoulders and shook her head. "Hi Mrs. Haddock." She said through her teeth.

Valka walked over and helped brush the snow off the now shivering viking. "Why don't you come sit by the hearth and i'll get you a bowl of soup. Don't want ya gettin a cold now would we?"

She hooked her arm around Astrid's and accepted a blanket that was pushed her way. After wrapping it around the girls body, she gently shoved her down in the chair closest to the fire. Astrid looked around her, pulling the blanket tighter around her.

"This is the chiefs chair." She stated.

"So?" Valka said, rubbing Astrid's arms to warm her.

"It's not...i'm not supposed to sit in it." She tried to get up.

"But its closest to the fire. Hiccup won't mind...actually, he would insist. He would kill me if you got sick. Now just sit back and get warm." Valka insisted, pushing her back down. "Speaking of Hiccup, have you seen him? I needed to tell him that the statue is about finished."

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