Chappie 1: The betrayal of the saviour of Olympus

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I was Percy Jackson before all the people I loved betrayed me, but now I'm Omega.
----Flashback to 200 years ago----
I was training with my sword when I heard an agonising scream, I quickly got up and ran to half-blood hill to find a boy hiding behind a 17 year old girl with a bronze sword who was trying to defend the boy who looked 15, from 2 hell hounds. She had just killed one and fell over, unconscious. I took that as my que and ran forward to the boy and stabbed the hell hound making it turn to golden dust. Just as the camp and Chiron got up the boy pushed me and picked up the unconscious girls sword. "Percy how dare you not help a new camper" Chiron shouts at me " but I did" I say back. "Then why are you on the floor, while this boy has a sword in his hand" Annabeth asks sarcastically. I sighed, at least I still have Annabeth. I walked over to the unconscious girl and picked her up to bring her to the infirmary. I sat there till she woke up, "um...hi who are you and where am I?" She asks me, " I'm Percy Jackson, and you're at the infirmary of camp half-blood, who are you and who was that boy?" I ask her quizzically. "I'm Angelica Storm and that was jack, he's rude and mean" she says to me. Angelica had black hair with a strip of white, she had dark brown eyes. I was trying to think of her godly parenthood but she was like every god & goddesses put into a 17 year old. I hear the conch horn, signalling dinner. " follow me I will show you to the dining Pavilion" I tell her. She slowly got up to a standing position, and we then jogged to the dining pavilion and I show her to the Hermes table, but just as she's about to sit she glows a dark colour and on top of her head is something I've never seen before. A galaxy with stars in it. Chiron kneels down and says "Angelica Storm, daughter of chaos, heir to the chaos throne" everyone is in awe, then kneels down. Chiron realises there is no chaos table, so he asks me if she could sit down at my table and stay in my cabin, I said yes. After two days Jack, who is now the son of posiedon, started rumours and now my only friends were the seven, Annabeth, Clarisse, and Angelica. I was hated by almost everyone in camp and Annabeth started to become distant.
I had just came back from a quest to get approval to marry Annabeth from her mother, Athena. Angelica had came with me but died in the process. Everyone glared at me but I ignored them and concentrated on the ring i was holding. The ring was made of pure silver with a greenish gem, inside of the gem was an owl and, still inside of the gem, was Annabeth & Percy forever (sorry I don't have a fancy font so..yeah) written in a fancy font. The ring was made by me and Aphrodite ourselves. I first went to the Athena cabin to see where Annabeth was, I knocked on the door and Malcom opened the door. "Hey Malcom, have you seen Annabeth" I ask Malcom, "she's at the beach, but" he suddenly stops "be careful" he mutters under his breath, though I could still here what he said. "Um... Okay, see you Malcom". I jogged to the beach ignoring all the glares, and when I got there I saw a couple. The girl had blonde hair which was in curls and the guy was obviously jack, me being the seaweed brain I was decided to hide behind a nearby bush to get a closer look. At first they were just talking, but when jack noticed me he kissed her that's when I noticed her was Annabeth. I got up, tears rolling down my face, and threw the ring at them. Annabeth caught it and said "percy wait" at first she ran forward with tears rolling down her face then turned around with a pissed of face. I turned around and ran to my cabin locking my self up in there when posiedon popped up in my cabin saying "Percy, I disown you as my son". he then left out of the room, leaving me
Sobbing alone while Annabeth knocks on the door and shouts "I can explain". But after 3 hours of trying she left, that's when the Leo knocked on the door as I was packing my bad to run away from this hell hole, I picked my bag up and went to the door. "Yes Leo?" I ask him " there is a meeting in the throne room of Olympus after dinner by the way" he tells me "okay" I reply and then mutters under my breath "I hope you enjoy it". Leo runs to the dining pavilion while I ran to the border of camp, that's when I notice a titan and an army of monsters coming towards the camp borders. It's Kronos. "well, who do we have here. hmm Percy Jackson you seem to have lost everything that gave you the courage to fight, and that's all because of that puny camp. why don't you join me in getting rid of this place?" Kronos asks me "no, their still my family and I could never betray them" I answer back "I didn't think you'd be this loyal, oh well time to kill the ex-saviour of Olympus". Kronos raises his hand and shouts "ATTACK!!" all of the monsters charging me. I had killed the monsters in 20 minutes and now it was time to kill kronos. Kronos charged at me scythe pointed at my heart but i deflected it and disarmed him then, I stabbed him in the stomach. I then cut his head of and his body turns into golden dust, I think to myself 'I have nothing to live for so why not kill myself here and now' so I pick up my sword and just as I'm about to stab my self through the heart I am teleported to the throne room of olympus, sword in my heart, tears rolling down my face as I face Annabeth. Everything goes black.

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