He swayed his legs back and forth cutely as he watched him start cooking, it looked adorable how he would furrow his eyebrows in concentration as he flipped the egg. It was really weird but Louis really loved how his alpha was taking care of him, he loved the feeling of being taken care of... in every single way.

After they were done eating, Harry sat down on the couch with the omega cuddled up in his arms with his face hiding in the alpha's neck and a blanket covering their bodies. He looked down seeing how small and vulnerable this omega really was. He wasn't the same omega he met the first time he saw him, the alpha could sense his omega's emotions and he knew for sure that he feels safe around him.

Louis whispered softly against his neck, "Why do we always end up in silence?" and looked up at him with his big blue innocent sea eyes.

The alpha cooed then made the omega straddle him so that he was facing him and said as he was cupping his cheeks, "Baby, do you wanna talk?"

Louis nodded in return and leaned into his hands and said quietly, "I just... want to know more about you, yeah?" and turned his head to the side as he kissed his hand.

He brought his hands down to rest on the omega's curvy hips and said, "What do you wanna know baby?" which in return the omega shrugged and said, "Anything, like, um... how old are you?"

"20, going 21 on February 1st, what about you, love?" and squeezed his hips lightly making the omega submissively sway his hips in the process with his arms around his neck and said, "17, going 18 on December 24th."

Harry said with a smirk, "On Christmas eve, hm? Well now at least now I know what my plans are for Christmas this year," then winked at him making him blush and hide his face in his neck again with a whine which made the alpha laugh and whispered in his ear, "I'm going to wrap up your arse in a little bow and fuck it till Christmas morning."

He whispered, "Harry please..." and brought his hands down to his boxers palming him through it making the alpha groan and they ended up fucking on the couch twice because Harry just loved fucking him with his yellow lace panties pushed to the side. He really wanted to know more about him but the omega was excused because he was still on his heat, not that he minded it.

They cleaned up themselves and the place along with it then the omega was limping around making the alpha coo at him and picked him up bridal style saying, "You shouldn't be walking when your bum is sore babe," and kissed his cheek softly.

Louis hummed in appreciation as he cuddled into Harry's chest seeking warmth and safety from his alpha with a smile on his lips.

He sat them down on the couch and said out of nowhere, "Tell me about yourself, are you still in University? I want to know your likes, dislikes, everything."

The omega thought for a moment and said, "Well, I am in University for omegas and I got accepted because I was one, they wouldn't even let alphas into the university, just for our safety," and shrugged with a smile.

Harry looked at him for a moment and said, "There's a university just for omegas? How come I didn't know any of these things?" and threw his hands in the air.

Louis giggled as he cuddled into his chest and said, "Babe, it's not like they go around and promote the university around and besides, there aren't many omegas in the world so the university is small but it's big for us, you get me?" and looked up at him again.

The alpha nodded fondly and said, "Yeah love, I understand," then kissed the top of his head as he held him close and whispered, "Tell me more about yourself."

"Um... I like to read a lot, I major in Drama and English just in case you were wondering, I have like just two friends in total, I have one more year until I graduate since I finished high school at 16 just like everybody else, I'm sure you did too. I am a Capricorn and born in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. My favourite band is the fray and I don't like baked beans..." Louis rambled then looked up at Harry checking if he's listening to him.

The alpha was watching him fondly then nodded at him to continue then he smiled and looked down as he continued, "The best country I've ever visited was France and I like to play the piano, my parents always had that piano at home that no one used so I thought I would start learning so I did. I don't know what else to tell you, I don't have that much to say so..." and looked up at him again.

"You're wonderful, you know that?" and kissed him softly which made the omega blush but kissed him back wrapping his arms around his neck and whispered against his lips, "Now that I have told you about me, it's your turn now."

Harry shrugged as he leaned back into the couch and said, "I don't have much to say I guess either, I am an Aquarius and born in Holmes Chapel in Cheshire..." then stopped as he thought for a moment and added, "I like the Beatles, Coldplay, the 1975, and yeah I pretty much listen to everything," and shrugged.

Louis was drawing circles on his chest while he rested his head on his shoulder as he hummed and said, "So... nothing else?"

"Um... I graduated from university and I am working at my father's company..." and was playing with the omega's hair as he was thinking about what to say and then added, "And yeah, just that."

He nodded as he just nuzzled his nose into his neck and whispered, "I'm feeling sleepy already..." and shut his eyes as he held him close.

The alpha chuckled and patted his bum saying, "I am surprised you're still awake actually, go to sleep baby and I will wake you up for lunch okay?" and kissed his forehead softly then got up and laid him down on the couch keeping the covers above his tiny body with a pillow under his head.

He hummed as he shut his eyes and fell asleep while bringing the covers above his chin; he slowly drifted off to sleep with a small smile on his lips.


"I told you not to call me again, do you understand?!"

Louis blinked as he slowly started to wake up but he didn't dare to move, he looked around and saw that Harry wasn't in the living room but he could hear his voice loud and clear.

"What part of I don't want it didn't you understand?! Seriously, don't ever call me again or else there will be serious consequences."

Louis shut his eyes tight and took a deep breath as he was trying to calm himself down, he wanted to know who that person was on the phone with his alpha, was it an ex or just a fling? Both would sting him right in the heart but he knew that this is what he has to live with for the rest of his life.

He has to live with people running around following his boyfriend and they would try to take him away from him. Maybe then the alpha would see how useless he is and would leave him. That's what he's most afraid of, he gave himself away and now he's scared that he's going to leave.

Tears streamed down his cheeks as he held the covers tight against him just at the thought of the alpha leaving him for good.

"You know what? Fuck you and your stupid theories, good day," then hung up.

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