Fade - Chapter 20

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The chilly wind encases the mansion that night, seeming to suck the life force out of anything not inside. The two demons sit mercilessly by the raging fire, though midnight had struck the clock hours ago. Old government files lay askew on the carpeted floor, various governmental notes and documents scrawled around like a crime scene.

"See, he started an entire uprising. He was utterly devoted to the task of bettering our society. People didn't want him altering the indecency, for the criminals at the time faired much better than any relatively 'decent' demon. I suppose I fell prey to my own hunt. Back then, if you wanted to survive, it was either kill or be killed."

"Well... what kind of uprising was it? It seems like he succeeded mildly."

"He was trying to convince us all that we were all equally worthy of heaven. I suppose that is why I never did deem myself worthy in the first place... I stopped the entire movement in it's tracks. Trust me, I never intended for him to be killed. I just got beaten at my own game."

"Sebastian why in hell did you ever keep this information from me before? If I'd have known what was going on in your mind I wouldn't have been such a burden to you."

"Ciel... you are anything but a burden."

Sebastian's hand touches the other's gently, his eyes sincere... burning to kill this ancient belief the boy has. Though his years of suffering and torment has lead them both to believe in his profanity, the facts lay at bay; much like a spider curled up and dying on the cold tile flooring. They are both like spiders, caught in their own web of confusion and dignity... searching for a way out of this hell, though ironic enough.


Their eyes tay connected as Ciel utters this, nodding his head slightly.

"Where do we go from here?"

"I personally recommend that we visit all headquarters... decide for ourselves what really happened in each district. Though there are only five councils in all of hell, who's to say that at least one didn't survive? Finding some real evidence could prove insightful regarding the subject."

"I agree."

Ciel sighs, looking down at the map before them.

"Do you know where to start?"

"I do know where all five of them are. If my father was good at anything, it was organization. He deemed it true to be that if all districts had a council of their own, things would be far too hard to keep up with. The one we visited earlier was the head of all districts, though since its been destroyed, there's no saying what be holds the other four. The last ones left to check now are the juven, the floris, the caninam, and the hemi hæma. The caninam are the most dangerous of the four, and not many know much of the hemi hæma.

I suppose it would be wise to go in order."

"So we should find out where all of them are and map our route out precisely?"


Sebastian takes their black quill in hand, his eyes focusing carefully and closely at the parchment. His eyes flit around the page until they focus in on an area. His lips turned up in a smirk of satisfaction, he slowly encircles an area of defiant land with the black ink swimming with the sparkles of mischief.

The circled area depicts a vast area void of landmarks, the barren lands stretching out like a dessert.

"This is where the juven reside."

"But there's nothing there."

A strand of hair falls array in Sebastian's face, his eyes glimmering like the drying ink on the paper.

"It's underground."

He sets the quill back gently yet firmly, as though he is pressing his hand into the atmosphere.

"The gang of demons I was briefly committed to visited there often. We were like the juven's caretakers... you could say, raising them in pure demonic hatred and evil. it was quite ridiculous, actually. These people are dangerous. It would be wise to be aware when we do arrive."

"Like that makes it all the better... humans are stupid creatures. We do not have to abide by their their rules to govern the way we act just because I am familiar with it. Don't you think it would fare better for us if we entered as one of them."

"That is just the plan I have in mind."

Though Ciel's materialistic shape may be still of a child's, he is anything but young. His mind has imagined things most adults would commit at the sight of... his eyes have seen things that mere humans would cower immediately at first sighting. His mind is aged far beyond his years, and yet his body betrays him.

"You will enter without incident, as your body is still young. I, on the other hand... will have to take care in my disguise... as I am well-known throughout."

"So how will you do it, then?"

"I will claim to have come back from Earth with a young demon, seeking to fulfill the space where I had left off. I will say that you are a new demon I have collected from the outer-world, and that I have brought you in hopes that you will become my apprentice. You will 'train' by my hand, and when the time has come, and trust has been bestowed to us, we will move on to the next location.

Securing a spot with these guardians ensures that we will be safe to travel wherever we shall please... but I must warn you, Ciel... that it will not be easy, it will not be fun, and we cannot back down. There will be obscenities that we have all tried to rid from memory. It will be much worse than the simple sacrificial grounds you encountered before. But you must understand that it will not be pleasant for either one of us. Do you think you can handle this?"

Ciel's soul and mind have been seasoned with pain and suffering, optimizing his tolerance for torture like the venom of a deadly snake; stealing away the sanity in one's eyes in a swift, jagged punch. Ciel's stubborn oblivion is upheld only with the upmost certainty... though his heart may beat fast in his chest, and his breath may become short, he still keeps his eye on the prize.


Is his vacant reply, his mind bending to imagine the open-mouthed snake readying it's strike.

"I can handle it."

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