7th chapter

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Nora was walking around the apartment like a caged lion. He did the worst thing he could! He could have yelled, sworn, cried – everything would be more reasonable than this! Who does that? Who gets silent and disappears after hearing news like that? Nora was furious. So much so that she knocked over all of his football trophies, which he had lined up on an improvised dresser mounted to a wall. She wanted to scream. She kept looking through the window every thirty seconds to see if he was coming back; he had been gone for four hours. He did not even take his cell phone.

She had no idea where he was or what was in his head. As far as she knew, he might have killed himself. She scolded herself. She could not think like that. It was crazy to think that he would find the thought of them building a life together so revolting that it would make him take such a drastic measure, right? She burst into hysterical laughter. Monika called her several times, each time listening patiently to Nora's nervous breakdowns, which had now reached double digits. She had to leave. He may be lurking in the bushes somewhere, waiting for her to get bored of waiting and leave his apartment. After all, if he did not want to deal with her, he had to wait for her to go away. Maybe that was the reason he was gone. Nora found her backpack and, with shaky hands, began packing the things she had left in Viktor's apartment. She was not going to force him into anything. She would figure something out, she was humiliated enough. She was reaching for her old pajamas, which were pushed to the highest shelf when she heard the door open. She stood motionless in the bedroom, listening – did she really hear that or did she imagine the sound out of pure desire for those damn door to finally open.

- Nora?

Familiar deep voice. He came back. After four hours of hell, Viktor came in and was calling out her name as if it was just an ordinary day. She walked into the living room, her hands shaking even harder. He stood there with a grocery bag.

- I brought us something to eat.

- I'm not hungry – she barely uttered. She wanted to physically attack him. Who cares about the food right now! Tell me what's in that head of yours. Why were you gone for so long? Say everything you have to say so we can get end this awful suspense! Out of all that she could possibly say, she just mumbled that she was not hungry.

- I'm sorry I just left like that. I needed to be alone to process my thoughts.

She nodded, at least he was smart enough to apologize.

- I've been going out of my mind. I felt terrible.

- I know, I'm sorry. I really am.

He approached her and held her hands.

- When are you working next week?

- What?

She was more than confused. Why the hell was he asking her that right now? Why was it important?

- When are you free so we can move you?

She was staring at him, trying to process his words. Only able to stand there, paralyzed while uncontrollably blinking. He smiled.

- Don't be so shocked at the prospect of living with me.

She did not get it wrong. Viktor was really offering her to come live with him.

- You're asking me to move in with you?

He nodded.

- You could've said that right away, not leave me in this apartment to contemplate for four hours what should I break next. We wouldn't be left with any furniture if I wasn't as cool-headed as I am – she gasped, tears running down her face. He would not leave her alone. They would get through it together, and everything would be alright.

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