Stay strong Nefertari!!!

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Mentus P.O.V

I paced around my room unable to get a wink of sleep after learning about the deep conspiracy that was hatched by Consort Ivy and her Uncle Raviel. Consort Ivy was so greedy for the power that she conspired to destroy the happiness of the Pharaoh. Her love for the Pharaoh is not sincere like her highness, Nefertari's and I need to give this news to the Pharaoh as soon as possible and get her highness out of this mess. Her suffering needs to end.The Pharaoh's suffering needs to end as well.

It wasn't even dawn yet, but I decided to leave to the Mittani border. I needed to record my departure in the administration department therefore I entered the Palace and was greeted by some of the night guards on duty. After recording my details on a papyrus for the officers , I rushed hoping to leave as soon as possible. Just as I was about to exit the Royal Office I saw a shadow of a person in the throne room and the torches in the throne room was burning brightly. I slowly took my sword out and sneaked into the throne room , and hid behind the pillars to get a glimpse of the invader as it was a known rule that, other than the times that the morning meetings or emergency meetings are held, even the prime ministers are not allowed to step into the throne room. I was curious as to who had the audacity to commit a crime as such.

I moved from one pillar to another hoping to get a view of the invader. The invader was wearing a long black robe and the face was covered using a black cloth. There was a jangling sound coming from the invader when he moved. I stealthily moved behind the invader who was standing in front of the throne and was lost in his own thoughts. I placed my sword at the neck of the invader and asked to him to turn and face me but the invader didn't move at all.

"Show me your face or I will kill you right here, right now".

The invader slowly turned towards me but I was not able to identify him because of the black robe and the mask. The invader slowly removed the cloth covering the face and I took a step back and withdrew my sword when I realized it was her highness, Nefertari. It was then that  I realized that the jangling sound was the chains around her neck and limbs. My heart sank to see her in this state especially now since I knew the truth. Her eyes were swollen from constant crying and tears were still flowing down her cheeks while I was observing her.

"What are you doing here, your highness?".

She laughed sarcastically and stated "You don't need to call me your highness anymore. Even the guards in here call me by my name , just like every other slave. If his Majesty hear you showing me some respect he would get angry. Be careful".

" You know that no one is allowed in the throne room , especially at this hour. Why are you here? Do you want to get punished some more?".

"I don't care about anything anymore, my Lord" .My heart sank when she called me, my Lord. Back then she used to address me like a friend, just like how Ramses calls me but now she speaks respectfully not just only to me but to the consorts , guards , and even the slaves. The reason is because she is going to be executed soon she is considered a traitor of the nation. Someone who is beneath everyone else.

" You can't just come here and expect to be punished even more , especially when you are in that state" I said pointing at her large belly that was now visible to me from the light of the torches.

" My whole life changed completely in this room. Back when I was the Great Royal Wife and when I was summoned to the throne room, I used to walk in with my head held high , maintaining eye contact with Ses.... I mean his Majesty but it is in this very room that my happiness ended. It is in this very room that I was declared a Hittite spy and it is in this very room that his Majesty gave me the death sentence" she said with her voice breaking with every word she spoke.

All of a sudden she gasped while holding her stomach and bent towards the ground. My heart raced as I didn't know what just happened. She held onto my robe tight as I noticed a little bit of water flowing under her legs. She lifted her head to look at me and her eyes were red and there was a fear in them.

" Something is happening. I think the baby is going to come.......... my Lord , can you please help me to my room?" she said, while tears started brim again in her tired eyes. I removed her black robe quickly and noticed that she was wearing a white linen lose gown underneath. I quickly carried her and she rested her head against my shoulder as I rushed my way into the harem and to her room at the very end. I realized that the reason she was heavy was not only because she was pregnant but also because she was bound by heavy iron chains, like a criminal.

I took her to her room and made a lay on her bed.

"Please stay here for a while. I will go find the Royal healer and some maids to come assist you."

She reached for my hand and held onto it for a while with her eyes gazing on the bed and her head moving from left to right. " You can't do that ,my Lord."

" What? What are you saying?"

" My Lord , did you forget the verdict of his Majesty? No medical care or any assistance is to be provided to me. If anyone dares to help me , they would be beheaded along with me..... I can't put anyone's life in danger. Please leave...."

" How can I leave you here without anyone to help you?" I said staring at her intently . She started to squeeze my hand while gasping for air and deep down I knew this was just the start of the pains. She had become so weak during the past few months that I was scared that she would die in here , in this room even before giving birth to this child.

She raised her head and tried to smile at me but the tears kept flowing out of her eyes. She was already exhausted from being treated like a slave and I was worried that the long hours of labour will bring her down. " My Lord I want you to leave now. If anyone here see you with me, they might spin you into my problems and you will bear the brunt for helping me. So, please just leave".

" Is there any help that you want from me before I leave?"

" Just give me all my gowns from the box over there. I need those." I did as she asked me to then I wiped off the sweat from her forehead and said " Please get through this. Please don't die."

" Me and my baby , we both would be killed tomorrow at the market square in Memphis. What difference would it make if we die today or tomorrow?"

" I promise you that if you bear through it and give birth to the baby, I will stop your execution tomorrow."

She looked towards the small window on the right side of her room.

" The sun is already coming up, my Lord. You need to leave before someone sees you in here with me."

" Please come out of this alive. I promise the execution would not happen."

"You shouldn't promise things that you cannot do , My Lord. It's the Pharaoh's verdict, you can't protect me from it".

" I know I can't stop your execution... but Ramses can and he will do it. I'm leaving to the border now. Stay strong your highness. You can do it. I'll return with an order to stop the execution. Please, I beg of you , pull through this". Saying that I ran as fast as I could , rushing past all the officials that greeted me and reached my horse that was prepared for my departure.

I got onto my horse that I named Maxis, who had always been with me at the battlefronts  and started riding towards the Mittani border as fast as I could. I would not slow down at any cost as I need to come back with Ramses as soon as possible to stop the execution ,as it would be carried out after a day since the birth. I would not let Consort Ivy have the pleasure of torturing her highness anymore. I really hope that her highness Nefertari would stay strong for her child and get through this.


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