Chapter 7

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It was past lunch when our luggage came. Each was labeled with the name of the owner because our parents cannot hand them personally to us for obvious reasons. Major Coleman assigned us rooms by giving us keys with numbered, wooden, key rings attached to it. Mine was room six, a room just above the glass sliding door we came in.

I was halfway done with unpacking my stuff, which mostly are clothes good for a month when I remembered about the file Major Coleman said. I went to the lamp table and pulled open the drawer. Inside was a simple, white folder. Sitting on my bed, I opened it. On the right side was a stack of blank paper fastened together. On the left was only a piece of paper attached titled: Shade Rules. It was like a wiki page of the Shade.

It explained what the Shade was and its origin. I didn't worry about that too much since Mr. Chang already taught us that so I skipped ahead to the things I don't know yet, the description of the Shade or the fact that it doesn't bear any reflection on the mirror. Not really sure how the last one was going to help.

I already know that U.V. lights protect us from the Shade. But what I didn't know is how exactly. Apparently, according to Shade Rule Four, The Shade cease to exist under U.V. light. It went on to explain that the Shade doesn't simply disappear from the naked eye; all (supernatural) traces of it disappear. But will reform again in another place safe from U.V. lights.

I bet this rule is based on the theory of Mrs. Roth, the one who discovered the use of U.V lights. I've read about her on our trip to the Shade Museum for History class. She's got a whole gallery dedicated to her with her monument, self-portraits, everything. She was a hero.

I've remembered reading that after her kid died; she took a passionate interest in the Shade. That passion eventually led her to conclude that only sunlight can affect the Shade because A) the Shade never appears during the day, even in dark places safe from sunlight—under the bed, inside the closet— and only appears at night and B) Apparently, she tried everything else. Fire, flashlights, and anything that casts light, because, at its base, the Shade is still a shadow. So she passed on her theory to the government and the military tested the only thing we have closest to sunlight: U.V. lights.

When I finished reading the incredibly short bullet-point list of the Shade, I lie on my back, my hand still clutching the file. Years of studying, observing the Shade and all they have is this small list. My mind is having a hard time to believe it. I would've read it again if it weren't for someone knocking at my door. I sat up and jumped off my bed to open the door. It was a girl. She was about my height. Wavy golden hair. Deep blue eyes. I was having a hard time deciding if she was gorgeous or beautiful. All I could say was "Woah..."

"Hey, we're having a karaoke party." She tilted her head to the side," she smiled. "I was wondering if maybe you wanted to join us."

Suddenly, I was overly conscious of my messy hair. My face felt warm. "Sure," I said. I can't help but smile at her too. I've been meaning to get to know my dorm mates so this is just perfect.

I extended my hand. "I'm Vergil, by the way," The smile still plastered on my face. I don't think it'll go away, not around her anyway.

She reached for it. "Harmony," she giggled. "Come on, they're waiting downstairs."

When we got inside the karaoke room, there were three more people already singing and laughing. Two of which already made an impression back at the dining area, Blonde Ponytail Girl and Spiky Boy. They were sitting on the sofa, singing along with the guy holding the wireless microphone, belting to Ed Sheeran's Dive when he saw us and waved with his free hand. I waved back at him and he continued hitting those high notes, making Spiky Boy and Blonde Ponytail Girl "Whoooooooo!" We were all still in our uniform. The glass table was filled with a bag of potato chips, paper cups, and a couple of 2L bottles of Mountain Dew.

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