Chapter 1

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"Bye, see you in two days!" Perrie whispered, closing the car door and making her way to the front door, fishing her keys out of her purse, which seemed to be a really taff task at that time as it was something around 3 in the morning and she couldn´t see a thing. After many failed attempts the door had finally opened and Perrie was met by the welcoming heat of Jade´s flat.

Perrie had just come back from her promo trip in Japan, choosing to take a later plane on purpose. She didn´t want the paps wait for her there. And more than not wanting to be annoyed by paps after a long flight, she wanted to surprise Jade. She had told her something about flying back tomorrow and having some promo stuff to take care of first, which, of course, didn´t make her girlfriend really happy, but Perrie needed to surprise her, after what Jade had done at their two year anniversary last month. She had gone all out and managed to keep it hidden until her and Perrie went out that day.

It had been a perfectly planned day starting with a breakfast consisting of the blonde´s favourite things followed by a trip to this one shop the blonde had been dying to shop in for a long time, of course Jade paid for everything. Which is why Jade had gotten herself a rather nice reward later on at home.

Perrie slowly crept around the house, changing in one of her girlfriend´s comfortable onesies. When Perrie got to the bedroom, she took a moment to admire her older girlfriend laying there, watching her chest move up and down slowly and regularly. The blonde didn´t even try to fight the smile which immediately formed on her face.

The blonde had leaned against the door frame when something suddenly jumped up her back, causing Perrie to jump and let out a light gasp. She tried to be as quiet as possible, waking up the sleeping beauty was the least thing she wanted to do. So the blonde took a few steps back before turning around to see what had jumped up her back.

It was Jack, Jade´s cat. Perrie had gotten her the cat for the brunette´s birthday after she had confessed how she´d love to own a cat herself. The footballer loved her little guy, as she calls him, not only because she was never allowed to own pets or the cat was incredibly cute. To her the cat meant much more it was something that reminded her of the blonde whenever she left. She would sit in front of the TV and watch some show, sometimes her blonde being on it, while cuddling her cat.

"Heya Jack" Perrie whispered, stroking the cat, getting a loud purr in return, signalling he was enjoying every bit of it. Perrie has always been good with animals and Jade found it incredibly cute and attractive. So it was no huge surprise how much Jack loved the singer. After a time she stopped and slowly walked towards the bed, trying to make no noise.

She was about two meter away from the bed when Jack jumped on her once again, "Jack stop it, nor right now" she whispered and carried him outside the room, closing the door behind her to be sure he wouldn´t wake Jade. Perrie carefully slipped in the bed next to Jade, placing a brief kiss to her forehead, who instantly turned around so that she was facing her girlfriend. A wide smile on her face as she took in the blondes features.

"I missed you" Jade said, her fingers stroking over her girlfriend´s cheekbone, watching her with a look of admiration, because to her she was the most beautiful person on earth and having her laying next to her made her body flood with joy and happiness and more than all she felt proud.

"I missed you too" the blonde smiled to herself, cuddling up to her girlfriend, "Now how did you know that I was coming here?" the brunette giggled and wrapped her arm around Perrie´s waist to pull her even closer. It´s been so long since they last saw each other and she didn´t want Perrie to go again, that´s why she held her as tightly as she could.

"You made quite a lot noise, Pez"

"Damn you Jack" Perrie mumbled, thinking why Jade had to be such a light sleeper. Everything would have worked out and Jade would have been so happy waking up the next morning and seeing her laying next to her. "I thought you´d come home tomorrow" Jade stated her eyes never leaving the blue eyes which belonged to her girlfriend.

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