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A/N: part two to the ventfic.

TW: mentions of suicide, self harm, manipulation/guilt tripping, suicidal thoughts.

- - - - -

Amane didn't know why Yashiro snapped at him like that. There was venom in her tone, which was unusual since she always responded sweetly.

He knew something was up and didn't hesitate to tell his group of friends.

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Yashiro snapped at me when I walked her home, something is definetely up with her.
4:36 pm

Cottagecore lesbian
That's unusual of her. We have to help her!
Read at 4:40 pm

How? We need a plan first. Senpai won't tell us.
Read at 4:41 pm

I'll talk to her tomorrow about it. I already mentioned it to her but she ran away.
4:43 pm

Meatsuba Soursuke
If she ran away from you she clearly doesn't want to talk to you..
But since I am worried I guess I will make an exception.
Good luck with your crush! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)
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He blushed and sighed. He was nervous to talk to Yashiro tomorrow.
"Hopefully it wont be awkward.."

Hours later, the girl was silently looking at her phone screen, rereading the paragraph she was about to send to her toxic friend. Her body was shaking and her heart couldn't take it. She was almost crying from nervousness.

She clicked the send button and saw the other person had read it. She closed her eyes and prayed to not be yelled at again, but it seems it was all in vain.

I almost killed myself last night because of you and you just made it worse.
What's wrong with you?
You're pathetic. Fuck you.

Read at 9:50 pm

Yashiro's breath hitched when reading it. She hated she was about to fall for it again, that manipulating tactic lured her in many times before and it did again. Just as she wrote an apology she saw the dreading message of the app telling her she fucked up.

! Error. This user has blocked you, message failed to send.

"I'm such a horrible person, god I always mess up somehow" she scolded herself as her tears fell quietly. No one was there to comfort her. Only the cold pillows and her hamster.

She didn't believe what she did was okay, her nails digged hard into her arm. It hurt but it served as punishment for messing up yet again.

Maybe if she took the advice they gave her everything would get better. At least for the people around her.

She inhailed and let out a shaky breath, closing her eyes and sleeping.

- - - - -

Lunch was up next in the school's schedule and Nene decided to go up to the rooftop. The garden was going tl be okay without her this day, other members also took care of it after all.

She sighed and looked at the bottom, clutching the bars that were keeping her from falling.

There wasn't anyone to stop her-



"Hey Amane-kun.." She gulped down her nervousness, a noticeable quiver was present in her voice. She started playing with her fingers "Umm.. Look, I am really sorry for what happened yesterday and-"

Amane grabbed her arm and pointed at the scabs that formed from digging her arm too hard "What is this?"

Nene looked away "That's none of your bussiness, Yugi-kun."
"It is! Yashiro please, tell me what's wrong. We have been worried for you"

Her eyes widened. Part of her thought he was lying but the tears in the corner of his eyes said otherwise.

"I'm sorry." He let out a questioning hum before seeing Yashiro's face. Her eyes streamed down tears. "You're annoying, you know?", She wiped her tears with her hand.

"I'm not okay, I really am not."

He grabben her hsnd tightly and wiped her tears "Then tell us what's going on."

- - - - -

Aoi hugged her best friend, "Nene-chan, I had no idea you were going through that! I'm so sorry for not noticing it sooner." Yashiro didn't know what to think. She was supposed to apologize, not them!

"But I am glad you cut ties with them, if they try to contact you again I will hit them with my umbrella!" Kou clutched his 'weapon' tightly.

"You're gonna smack them to death? That's gruesome." Mitsuba remarked and it didn't take long for them to fight. Nene laughed at her two friends.

She walked over to Amane "Thank you for being there for me, I would've done stupid things again if you hadn't made me realize my actions." She smiled brightly.

"You look cute when you smile." He suddenly blurted out loud. Yugi blushed when he realized it.

"You're cute too though."

They both blushed furiously, Nene laughed.

Today was too much of a good day to have died, she was glad the boy stopped her.

- - - - -

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