"Y/n!" Chapter 2

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Title: "Hey Hito!"

Story type: floof


•°•(Y/n) PoV•°•

"Y/n!" I hear Henry call me "Yeah?" I said approaching him "What do you think... about being a hero?" Henry asks "Eh..It's sounds okay I guess.." I say not knowing what emotion to use

"Well I recommended you and I thought it was a good idea" Henry said to me as he smiled at me. "Oh..Okay..Can I go to Hitoshi's house now?" I said monotonically, making Henry sweat drop. He smiled awkwardly and nodded "Sure..Err..Just..Stay safe out there kiddo" He said as he patted my shoulder.

I nodded as I go to the door. I put on my shoes and open the door "See you later Henry.." I said, smiling a bit. Henry smiled "See ya Y/n! Stay safe" Henry said as I got out of the house. I close the door and yawn 'time to go to Shinsou's house!' I thought to myself, smiling. I walked down the street to Hitoshi's house. I arrived at The Shinsou house.

I knock on the door waiting for an answer. Hitoshi's Father answered the door. He looked at me and smiled "Hello Mr. Shinsou. Nice to see you here." I said, smiling. "Nice to see you too, L/n. I assume you're here for Hitoshi?" He asked me, smiling softly.

I nod as he gestured me to enter. I hear a soft meow from the living room. I look at the living room to see my bestfriend on the couch, petting his black cat. "Hey Hito! How are you?" I ask with a big smile on my face. Hitoshi's cheeks turned red, making me concerned "I-i'm fine..How about you?" He asked me as I sat beside him, petting his cat

I looked at him, feeling worried 'Is he sick? Oh no! I gotta see if I can help!' I thought to myself as I touched his cheek. "Hitoshi! You're heating up! Are you sick? Do you have a fever?" I asked, panicking a bit. His face became slightly red and he removed my hand from his face. He cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his neck "I'm okay Y/n.." he said as he smiled at me.

I nod as I felt my face get warmer and my heart beating quite quickly. My eyes widened as I realized what I was feeling..'Am I falling in love?' I thought to myself as I looked at the ceiling. I look at Hitoshi with a curious look "Hey..Uh..Hitoshi..Can I ask you a question..?" I said to him, feeling curious.

The purple haired male nodded and smiled "Sure..What is it?" He asked me. I sigh and look at the ceiling "Do you know what being in love feels like?" I ask him, feeling tired. He stayed silent for a moment and answered "Well I guess It feels..weird? In a good way, since..being inlove is good but it's a bit difficult sometimes- since if you love your bestfriend..You can spend time with them and do other things..but it gets hard when their bestfriend loves someone else" Hitoshi explained to me.

'Soo..I love Hitoshi..? That..Makes sense actually-' I thought to myself. "Why'd you ask?" He asked me. I shrugged as the cat went to my lap "I don't know..Just felt like it." I said as the cat sat on my lap.

579 words!! Sorry if this is short!! I was tired and forgot about this book and I am so sorry for the ones reading this!! Anyway I love you all and stay safe!

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