Dudley's Magical Daughter?!

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Harry, Ginny, Albus, James and Lily Potter were waiting for the others to come by. Finally, they saw Hermione, Ron, Hugo and Rose were running up to their cousins. They embraced each other and were talking amongst themselves.

"Don't cry, Lily. I'm not going to Hogwarts either," Hugo said hugging his bawling cousin.

"But I wanna go with Albus!" Lily wined.

"Pst... Look over there... it's Malfoy," Ron said in a whisper. Everyone glanced at the three Malfoy's and simple nodded and went his way. Ron turned back to his daughter and said, "Good thing you inherited your mother's brains so you can kick Malfoy's arse in every test!"

"Darling!" Hermione snapped. She smiled and looked around for James. "Uhm, Harry? Where's James?"

"Huh? There he is," Harry said pointing to his running son. 

James caught up to his family and said, still under breath, "You would not believe what I just saw!"

"What is it?" Rose asked.

"I saw Victoria kissing Teddy!" He squealed. The Potter's and the Weasley's were now discussing them until they heard four cheerful voices.

"Oy! Ron!" George yelled with Roxanne on his arms. Angelina had Fred Jr.'s hand, but he ran to James.

"Hey, Fred!" James said hugging his cousin and best friend.

"I swear, those two are inseparable," Ginny whispered to George.

He chuckled and looked up. A little girl about Albus' age was with a very familiar looking gentleman. The name was a fit man with dark hair and dark eyes. His daughter was lively and bright. Long blonde hair and green eyes. then George finally recognized the man. 

"Merlin's beard! Harry! That's Dudley! Your cousin!" George whispered/yelled.

"Oh, there he is," Harry said.

Ron, Hermione, Ginny and George replied, "There he is?!"

"Harry! You've never told us that Dudley had a magic using daughter!" Hermione yelled.

"Later, guys, please. Even Dudley's freaking out in the moment," Harry replied going to his cousin. He said, "Glad you can make it, Dudley. And this must be Daisy."

"Potter! I can't believe it! Why is my daughter... your kind?!" Dudley snapped.

Daisy looked at her father in confusion and saw the other kids. She left her trolly with her father and went to them. 

"HI!" Daisy said in a melody.

Hermione couldn't bare her adorableness and said, "Hello, darling! What's your name?"

"Daisy! You're very pretty!" Daisy replied.

"Daisy?" Ginny asked. "So, let's see... We have three types of flowers with us today. We have Rose Weasley, Lily Potter and Daisy Dursley."

"Ooh! That's awesome! My daddy named me after a flower because he said that my auntie and mother were flowers!" Daisy informed.

Ron whispered to George, "I'm bloody confused! This is the kid of Harry's cousin! The guy that made Harry's life a living hell! And now look at this lively girl! She looks nothing like her father!"

"I agree! Whatever, let's just make the best of it! See, it's already eleven!" George said.

Daisy went to her father and kissed and hugged him goodbye. All the kids said goodbye and the train started. Dudley was praying that she doesn't get hurt. He waved to her until she was not seen to her. 

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