Forget me Lots by NodaOrtiz

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Tittle: Forget me Lots 

Genre/Style/Subgenre: Teen Fiction- Young Adult 

Tags: amnesia bodyimage bodypositivity boyxgirl fallinginlove friendship grief loss lovestory memories mentalhealth realisticfiction rollercoaster romance self-esteem self-love teenagers teenfiction teenlove teenromance youngadult youngadultreads

Author: NodaOrtiz

Reviewer: Evelyn Hail

Reviewer: Evelyn Hail

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Thrown from the wreckage, Dawn awakens in a world she has no memory of. Her friend, River, does his best to help, offering her support and stolen moments to distract her. And as her memories return, the boy claiming to know her is the only thing she can't remember.Tormented by the memories of their imperfect but unforgettable story, River will do whatever he can to bring her back to him, even if he dies trying, or so his doctors warn him.

When something tragic happens, it's often said we lose a piece of ourselves. How far would you go to find these lost parts in order to be whole again? What would happen if those parts weren't yours to keep?

Dare walk down memory lane and discover a heart-wrenching story that will make you remember your own first love-and just how deep it pulled you under.*Written for the 2020 ONC contest, based on Prompt 4.


This is an Open Novella 2020 contest entry by an incredibly talented Wattpad author NodaOrtiz.

The novella does not disappoint in any moment and it is a real page turner.

It is a story of a watery boy, River that has fallen for a whirlwind, ferny girl, Dawn. What is a particular forte of this writer is the power of her descriptions and the unique and original writing style.

There is poetry in the way she expresses herself and a certain melodic flow to her sentences. One might say the book resembles a poem in prose at times.

Peculiar yet tremendously lovely metaphors and allegories such as "The whole sky was the colour of her skin," and even anthropomorphization of her character's surroundings bring a special note to the bouquet mix that is "Forget me Lots" as Dawn, the main character is able to converse with anything in her vicinity.

Sometimes the birds are playful when she is around and at other times the nature such as trees and clouds can be derogatory to her.

It is a clever way to reflect the inner feelings and self-opinions and project them into the outer space.

The structure is divided according to the POV that is the current speech centre, Dawn or River (sometimes both) and the narrative forms within the chapter are at times pure prose.

Yet at other times, thought sequences or segmented chunk-frames of the protagonists' minds, which contributes to the narrative variety and to the realistic feel of immersion.

Apart from the impeccable form, there is strong essence in this book as it contains 'life hacks' and recipes according to which we should live, as well as intellectual, universal annotations about what life is.

Such as: "We can't escape our pain. It's like a river that follows you. Blood that moves without you thinking."

The theme of the book is incredibly powerful and it brings grief over a loss of a loved one into play, as well as reinventing oneself after a personal downfall.

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