Chapter 5: Clove

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"Clove" I hear a familiar voice yell. I try to ignore the voice who I know is Cato's. But he won't stop. I decide to look up and something in my body hurts.Cato looks me in the eyes and I quickly try to break contact. The guards unlock his cuffs and he runs to me. I try to get away but he gets to me before I can. He hugs me tightly to where just a little tighter he could kill me, especially now.

"What did they do to you?" he asks as he examines my face and all my injuries. I look down and he forces me to look into his eyes. His icy blue comforts me but I start to ache all over. What do I do? I look him the eyes but it hurts me too much so I look away. If I show emotion they're going to hurt him.

"Cato" I say trying to be emotionless but instead I sound hurt and broken "Cato I missed you" I say just barely getting closer to him "I love you, but I can't" I say turning around. I start to cry uncontrollably and I feel him trying to comfort me. I run away and hide behind a guard. I can hear the guard whispering to another.

"She chose me over you" he smirks back at me and I feel even worse. Cato storms out cuffed to be thrown back into his cell somewhere. The guards lead me and Cashmere out and I feel one hand trying to get further and further down my back. I try to shake his hand off and he reluctantly does.

"Don't worry" he smirks down at me "my time will come" I shutter at his voice and keep walking. The lead me and Cashmere far away from Cato. I start to get tired and they shock me to keep me at their pace.

"Ow, stop" I say bitterly and the shock passes through my arms to my chest. They just chuckle and Cashmere looks down the whole way. I try to recollect myself and memorize land marks but all the walls are the same shade of dull-white and there are no different shapes in windows. Every 15 feet or so light comes in through the windows.

"Where are we going?" Cashmere asks, surprising me since she hasn't spoken in three days, except in her sleep. They ignore us and walk us on. Cashmere and I stay in step and we finally arrive to where we were supposed to go. They dumb us into a room with a metal bed and a monitor in the corner. We stand together waiting for something to come and try to get us.

"Today ladies" I hear Snow say "Your first Patron" I shutter at the thought and Cashmere seems to already be crying. I try to comfort her but with very little success. A man walks in with a formal outfit.

"Why so fancy?" I ask angrily. I try to be as rude as I can, maybe he will just leave us alone. He smirks at us.

"I see Cashmere, you missed me so much" he says through a smirk "You started to cry" I glare at him and he shrugs. I try to run up to him to tackle him but I receive a shock to my arms that travels everywhere else. I stop mid step and look away. He smiles and grabs Cashmere by her waist. She shutters and tries to get away. He kisses her lustfully and she tries to turn her head away. I try to do something but every step I take I get a strong shock in my arms. I frown and stand there as the Patron starts to 'play' with Cashmere. I sit down and try to look away. I am shocked repeatedly when I look in any-other direction. I watch the horrible scene and start to worry for Cashmere. She has stopped moving and I can barely see her breathe.

"Cashmere are you okay?" I ask walking up to her and her rude Patron. I ignore the shocks through my body as I push the "Patron" away from her limp body. I reach out for her and her head falls to the side, her eyes are closed and she looks passed out. I try to wake her but she's limp and still. He smirks at me and watches me with mock pity.

He strolls over to me casually with a creepy smile. I try to back up but get shocked every step. He grabs my waist and pulls me close. His breath reeks of alcohol. I try to step away but he holds me close.

"You can't get away as easily as your little friend" he whispers seductively. He sounds disgusting and the smell disgusts me. I feel like throwing up and decide that might be a good way out of this situation. I breathe in the stench that is his breath and he looks confused. I try to squeeze in my stomach to force anything out but he notices. He kisses me forcefully and roams my mouth with his tongue. I try to avoid his tongue and try to bite down. He grabs my jaw and forces it open. I try to thrash around and get shocked. He pulls away and laughs at me as I struggle.

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