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"where could wonwoo possibly be? i get that what we said made him upset, but is he that petty to just skip school over it?" soonyoung exclaimed, angrily sipping on his apple juice as the students in there classroom waited for the teacher to arrive.

"don't call him petty, soonyoung. i'm sure he just wanted some space." junhui said, trying to calm soonyoung down, but his comment just ticked soonyoung off even more.

"space? fucking space? we were just giving him some friendly advice, and what do we get in return? a fuck you."

"soonyoung!" the sudden yell of his name made soonyoung come out of his clouded rage, looking up to junhui who had a very annoyed expression on his face. "could you first think about how wonwoo may feel? him being with mingyu has made him the happiest he has ever been since... you know. him."

"i know that, but what if mingyu-"

junhui cut him off, not wanting soonyoung to try and make up another reason for wonwoo to stay away mingyu. "just listen! can't you see how happy wonwoo is with mingyu? if the guy makes wonwoo happy, then we shouldn't take his happiness away from him."

soonyoung was left without words being able to escape his mouth. because junhui had a point.

the things he was saying were selfish, he wasn't thinking about wonwoo's happiness or what he wanted. soonyoung was selfish to say these things and not think of what wonwoo may have been feeling.

wonwoo has been so happy lately, the happiest he has ever been, and it was so relieving to him that way. it was almost like he saw another side to wonwoo that had been locked away, a side of wonwoo that had last been seen since minjae was in korea.

soonyoung has realised his own actions, with the help of junhui just now and his boyfriend, jihoon's, advice from when soonyoung ranted about it to him.

but he couldn't help but think this way, he couldn't help by be cautious. because like what junhui had said, the last time they had seen wonwoo this happy was when minjae was here. and look how that had turned out.

wonwoo was heartbroken after what minjae had done to him, how badly the other had hurt and affected wonwoo.

and soonyoung swore to himself that he would protect wonwoo with his life, just so that wonwoo wouldn't have to go through heartbreak like that ever again.

"hello, class! i have an important announcement to make!" their teacher said as she walked into the classroom, the students taking their seats again, ready for the lesson. "there is a new student joining our school today. actually, he's quite familiar, as he was here previously before having to leave for america in sophomore year."

the students started to chatter, trying to think back to two years ago and who left for america that year.

"everyone, please welcome him back to pledis academy." before the teacher mentioned the name, a tall male came into the classroom, gestured by the teacher, and stood at the front of the class.

the boy's black hair was disheveled and had his tie slightly loose. his facial features were defined and looked like they were sculpted by the gods themselves.

a smile was on his face that showed friendliness, yet an ounce of mischief.

and it was a smile that junhui and soonyoung knew all too well.

and absolutely despised.

"hi, i'm park minjae."

"and it's good to be back."

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