Forty Four

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11:01 PM

We set up our own version of lounge on the beach like we always did every year. There were five chairs surrounding the bon fire that provided light apart from the moon in the sky. We also had a mat nearby where we put all the food and wine. It was pretty cold due to the wind, I was wearing a matching navy blue sweater and sweatpants. Aside from that, I had a duvet wrapped around me.

We were all laughing because my sister was talking about how she had mistaken someone to be mom earlier. According to her, she grabbed the woman's hand leading to the water. She kept saying let's go swimming mom but then the lady kept struggling to free her hand from her grip and later on yelled, I am not your mom.

I watched everyone as they all looked happy, especially Baekhyun who was seated on the chair next to me. He was wearing his black supreme hoodie and white sweatpants, his hair slightly parted in the middle, his crescent shaped eyes beaming. He looked pretty cozy, I had to fight the urge to leave my chair and snuggle against him. However, since his chair was quite close to mine, I reached for his hand. Without looking at me, he automatically played with it as if it was a natural reflex. He rubbed my fingers with his palms to warm it up.

I was so focused on him that I didn't realize my dad was talking to me if not for Baekhyun signalling me. When I looked around, everyone else was staring at me.

"Stop daydreaming about your boyfriend, will you?" My dad openly teased.

I instantly felt embarrassed, my cheeks heating in the process. I faced Baekhyun only to see him amused as he continued to stroke my hand gently.

"Well dad." Alice intercepted. "If my boyfriend is as handsome as Baekhyun, I'd be daydreaming most of the time too."

The rest of the group laughed because of my sister's remarks, putting me in a tighter situation. I was still very conscious but I forced myself to ask my dad was he telling me earlier.

"We were telling Baekhyun that you used to have your favourite chair. You know the one I made for you when you were little. You liked it very much you'd sit on it all the time whether you're eating, watching TV or watch your mom do the gardening outside."

Oh god, they're going to get me more embarrassed in front of Baekhyun. I rattled, holding my hands up to signal my dad to stop talking.

"Dad let's not talk about that, okay?" I pleaded, giving him the look. "Why would you bring that up now?"

"No, baby...I wanna hear it." Baekhyun contradicted. "Sir, go on... I wanna hear it."

Of course, he wants to hear it.

"No Baek, that's not really interest-" I had to cut my statement short when I heard my dad spoke, ignoring my plea.

"So, going back...when she was about five years old, one day I found her crying in her room in front of the chair. Of course I asked her what was wrong but she didn't tell me. So, I went to examine the chair because I was sure it has something to do with it. When I looked closely to it, it was all wet... not just the chair but the floor as well. At first I thought it was just plain water but when I double checked it, it turned out your baby right there..." He trailed off, pointing at me causing Baekhyun to glance at me. "Peed on her favourite chair and she was crying because she said the chair already smelled like old potatoes."

Baekhyun burst out laughing, his literal HA HA HA laugh filling the space around us. I sighed in defeat covering my face with my hands.

"Starting that day, we called her favourite chair smelly potato." My dad went on.

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