chapter 6: The river

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You two continue down the path and see another one of those weird floating stars. You pause before touching it. 'The convince of that lamp still fills you with a sense of justice.' What was that? Whatever, nothing bad happened. You notice a path to your left and decide to follow it. Frisk runs ahead and reels in a fishing rod that was sitting there before laughing. You look at it and giggle. There's a picture of a weird looking monster on it with a note saying 'Call me! Here's my number!' You decide not to call. You two back track and continue on your way. Frisk wanted to look through the pictures on your phone so you hand it to her. You run into a few monsters but manage to solve everything peacefully. You walk side by side with Frisk and as you pass a station with a dog on it. Suddenly there's a dog running at Frisk. You push her aside and get tackled by the dog. 
"You moved. I don't recognize you. I'm taking you in."
"We just want to go home. Please. Let me go." Suddenly Frisk pets him and he freaks out, letting you go before hiding in his station. You hurry onwards. You see Sans with Kendra around his neck. 
"SANS!" You yell before running up and hugging him. "Please….. please take us home…… I'm scared of being here….."
Sans looks at you concerned. "Easy there, there's nothing to be scared of here. It will all be okay. There's one thing you guys should know about my bro though." You tilt your head while looking at him nervously. "He has a BLUE attack. But if you don't move it won't hurt you. Just think of a stop sign but instead of red its blue. So when you see a blue attack coming think of a blue stop sign and don't move."
"Sans…. please be serious…." you look at him with big puppy eyes. He looked away nervously. 
"Look kiddo, if I could help you I would. But I can't. We can't just get out of here."
You looked away. Mom had taught you about the barrier. You knew how to take it down. You didn't want to say that yet though. "Sorry….." you mumble. 
You continue on with teary eyes around the huge patch of ice while Frisk slides around on it. Kendra suddenly jumps on your shoulder and rubs up against your cheek. "I'm scared….. I want to go home…. And I just want to be happy with everyone in peace….." you turn left and walk next to the river. There's a snowman near you but you ignore it. Frisk runs up to you and hugs you. "Don't worry sis, we'll get home. I promise."
You turn to go but feel the ground start to give out. You push Frisk away and throw Kendra to her before you fall. Your bag catches before you fall down screaming into the river, it was ice cold. You tried to get to the surface but it was hard to move your arms. You managed to get to the surface and gasp for air as you're moving down river fast by now Frisk is just a speck. You go back under the water, this time nothing you do makes you go up for air. You black out.

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