Chapter One

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This story is now published and available in Paperback and Kindle edition, it is "On Santa's Lap" (Previously "In" Santa's Lap so a slight change that might effect search engines) by N.K.Pockett.

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Wordpress (online free delivery) Book Depository (Online and also free delivery) 

TWO book cover editions one naughty and the other nice ;) Just in case you don't want your mum to see a hot half naked guy. Therefore this is also a sample 3/4 of the book is mainly here and occasionally I'll put the last 10-20 chapters up during Christmas time.

Enjoy xx


"Miss, please stay in line," 

My eyes flickered up, an eyebrow raising as I saw the man yelling at the woman in front to stay in line. 

"I am in line you blind bat," she hissed back throwing her blonde curls over her shoulder. I rolled my eyes going back to the text I was reading but the tugging at my side made me sigh and look down.

"Yes Evan?" I asked somewhat irritated. This boy was going to make me late for my shift. I looked around, where the hell was his dad?

"Why is it taking so long?" Evan pulled out the candy cane from his mouth, and it looked really sharp at the edge, the type of sharpness I always tried to achieve when I was a kid and ended up getting fed up with mastering it and ended up biting the whole candy cane off.

I shrugged, "I don't know E, the line is big," I said wondering if the six year old had noticed how big the line was. Probably not since he was stuffing his face with Christmas candy. It was another ten minutes before I spotted Evan's dad running towards us, the man also known as my older brother.

"Are you finished, can I go?" I asked as she shoved bags into my hands. What the hell was I meant to do with his Christmas Shopping. I looked down seeing various toy store bags and a pink bag.

He went to Victoria's Secret?

Great, I could do without the imagery of my brother and his wife. I shuddered as I watched my older brother Ethan wipe Evan's mouth with his handkerchief like the caring father he was, how sickening. 

I quickly swapped the bags to make it seem like I wasn't snooping in his stuff, "Can I go now?" I asked.

I knew coming to the plaza during Christmas time was bad, but I just had to return those over-due library books. And then realising how much the fine was I simply threw the card into the bin, hey if I don't have a card they can't charge me right?

I'll just simply apply for a new card, my seventh card this year. I snickered, they really needed a better way to give out cards. At this rate I was going to get a new card every month but it just wasn't my fault.

I could never bring those books back in time, especially since it was out of my way and I simply forgot. 

"Eve, are you even listening to me?"

"No," I said straight out and turned to look at Ethan who was now standing up making me crane my neck, the bastard stole all the good genetics in the family, "What did you say?" I asked. He also got the blonde hair he and his son sported while I was stuck with daddy's dark brown hair.

"I said, have you done your Christmas shopping yet?"

I waved a hand, "No, I don't Christmas remember?" I asked. Why did people keep forgetting that, or were they just that blind to realise that each person was different and not everyone celebrated Christmas.

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