Wait - Weighty.

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So, I've been away...

From writing,

I was sick, I was stressed;

From friends,

An elephant fell on my head;

From University,

The car wouldn't start;

From work,

The cake season came;

From Him,

All around me was chaos and games;

From Her,

I was depressed by the waight;

From Me,

The length of beginnings and ends;

From You,

I grew older and I learned how to sin;

From Art,

I hated the trying;

From truth,

The getting a-head, to survive;

From reason,

Please. Make a way, in the dark, with no light.

So, now I am back...

To be,

In the middle,


Must there be, a beginning and end.

Evelyn McNamara. 30/12/2010

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