Ch. 2 (A-Report)

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My first a-report! And i also bring you Victor's POV. It's not that great but hey, at least I tried. This chapter is over 2500 words! Ha! Can you believe that? I didn't intend for it to be this long, but I think it's better this way. Enjoy reading!


Chapter Two


I walk along the corridor, thousands of questions running in my head. Corey, Luke, Marc and Silas walked beside me. The five of us had just gotten back from another mission when Dr. Roberts requested an assembly of our team in one of the conference rooms. I had no clue what this meeting means, but it sounded pretty urgent.

The past year since merging the blackbourne and toma team has been quite a journey for us. I mean we worked together before conjoining but now we were one team. Fourteen boys functioning as one. That was a handful but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love my brothers a lot, and I've enjoyed spending time with all of them. They're the ones who pulled me out of a miserable past and taught me how to stand back up again. I wouldn't be the 'me' now, if it weren't for my brothers.

All of my brothers had horrible, painful pasts like me. That's what we had in common. Traumatic experiences from our homes and families. Some had it worse than others but we got through that.

We learned that family is a choice and we chose each other. That thought brought a smile to my face.

"I just wanna sleeeeep." I hear Luke whine who can hardly keep his eyes open. "And I haven't had chocolate for three days! Three days!"

Despite it being early evening, the five of us were greatly famished. Because of our mission, we didn't get enough proper shut eye for three days. Our magical energies would've kept us going, however, we used our powers too much and three days is just three days too long.

"Alexian was definitely a thorny man to catch. I think I lost brain cells because of him." Marc remarks.

"God, I can barely feel my legs." Corey groaned, holding onto Marc's shoulders for support. "We've been up for ages!"

"You tell me, I'm beat." I say as I let out an exasperated yawn. That mission was utterly exhausting and I'd like nothing more than to jump into bed.

Silas adds in with a worn out expression on his face, "What do you think the old man needs us for?"

"I swear, if it's another mission," Marc rubs a hand on his face, trying to rub the exhaustion away.

"It's Dr. Roberts were talking about, what do you expect? A celebration?." Luke says.

"Let's just hurry up so I can sit down. I can seriously feel my legs falling asleep." Corey starts walking ahead of us in a hurry. Can't really blame him, he's been awake more hours than the rest of us.

After a few more minutes of complaints and yawns, we finally arrive in front of the familiar door of the conference room. The chatter and banter from inside makes me realize that our other brothers are already inside.

Silas pushes the door open, and inside were my brothers being the idiots that they were, well except for Mr. B and Axel. But they can be pretty dumb at times. Dr. Roberts is still not present.

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