Sex Slave (4)

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heres the next part!! srry for the spelling errors:)

he walked me out of the auditorium gripping my arm. what does he think i am gonna escape or something? goshh i think he has some trust issues!

he opened the door for me and practicly pushed me inside. how rude! he went around the car to his side and got in.

"listen slave there are some rules you need to follow. ok one you must call me master and never look into my eyes. you must do everything i tell you and if u dnt there will be consequences." he sayd the last one with meaning. wow i do not want to not follow his directions! "got it slave?"

"yes master" i sayd being obidient.


the rest of the drive to my new house was silent. as we drove up i seen it was a mansion! it was so beautiful! something out of a magazine.

"welcome home slave" he sayd while getting out of his car. i got out too and followed him to the front door. he brought out his keys and unlocked the door. the inside was just as beutiful as the out side! it was simple yet elegant at the same time! my kind of house.

"your room is upstairs down the hall first door to ur left."

i walked up the stairs and found my room. it was completely white. white bed and sheets white walls everything was white!

i found my closet. it was huge! it had thongs lacy bras lacy panties everything! and everything was in my size but there was no normal clothing it was just a bunch of revealing clothes and booty shorts and skirts.

i put on some booty short pj bottoms and a low cut tank top. then i lay in my bed.

"slave!" my master called from his bedroom.

i went to his bedroom and stood in the doorway.

"come lay with me." he sayd patting the spot next to him.

i went and got in slowly.

sorry for the clifhanger! plz dnt be madd at me!


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