Just Say Yes fan fiction: Prologue

Just say yes, how hard is that meant to be ? If only you where in our shoes .Hi my name is Darcy Davis, I'm 18 years old and I'm a contestant on the hit UK show The X factor. This has to be the biggest opportunity that has ever happened to me , to make it even better , I'm doing it with my 2 best friends Lauren and Madison. This is something that we have all wanted to happen for years and now it’s finally happening.

I wasn't really what you called experienced when it came to boys .I never knew what to say to them. That all changed when I entered the X factor. There he was singing his heart out with his friends. I remember having goose bumps the first time I heard him sing. I was only able to watch the VT but still it was as if he was inches away from me. I remember the first time we spoke, I remember everything. I didn't think he would even remember me .But he did, instantly we started talking and texting each other soon became a frequent thing for us to do .When we could we would meet each other. He was so different to what I was expecting; I could actually talk to him. Even though I had constant butterflies every time we spoke, I didn't see him as a guy but as my friend. He was the first guy friend that I ever had so I guess he was special to me. The night before boot camp we stayed up late to talking to each other. We both were so nervous about what was going to happen. We had both made it this far and we where both determined to make it to the live shows and win. The day had come and it was finally boot camp. I remember seeing him again and still getting the goose bumps that I once had. We both sang our hearts out and only wished for the best. My heart was racing and anxious to know if I had made it . As soon as Nichole gave me and my band the good news we were so relived. All that I was now waiting for was for him to get through too.

The guys came down the stairs distraught .I knew it couldn't be good. He was so upset I couldn't bare seeing him cry so much. I called for him and he immediately came in for a hug. I couldn't believe it how was I going to tell him that I had made it when I knew he wouldn't have the same good news as me. Even though he didn't get through, we still promised to keep in touch .Just like boot camp I was nervous about performing at judge’s houses but Josh constantly assured me that I would be fine. Even though I had my best friends to talk to, Josh had become someone that I turned to when I was down. He always seemed to cheer me up and always see the positives.

I couldn't believe that we were in Las Vegas; the place was so beautiful just like how it’s shown in the movies. I knew I couldn't get side tracked after all I was here for a reason, I was one step closer to my dreams and I refused to let anything get in the way. The girls and I were so terrified of messing up in front of out "secret judge”. I don't know what it was but we had a gut feeling that Louis would be our judge for the groups. As all the groups came out of the cars, I couldn't believe what I was seeing .He was there, here, but how? I immediately ran up to him and gave him the tightest hug. I missed seeing him, he told me everything that had happened and how they had a new member in the band George Shelley. I was so glad that he was here; we were going to live out our dreams together.

As me and the girls had predicted Louis was our Judge. To be fare I was actually pleased that we had Louis. The final decision had come, Louis would know inform us if we had made it or not. It felt like we were standing there forever, all we wanted was that one word ...Yes.

"You made it to my final three”. Louis said in his soft Irish accent. All different kinds of emotions swept through the three of us. I felt like collapsing to the ground. I couldn't believe it, we made it, and we were going to the live shows. I anxiously waited for Josh and the boys to find out whether they made it or not. Just like boot camp he came out red in the cheeks, he had been crying. I really didn't want it to be a no. By the way he charged up to me, I knew it was good news.

"It was a yes" He yelled out. I was so happy for both of us .We would both be in the live shows. Plus we would be living together, so now I would be spending more time with him. Even continuous conspiracy that me and Josh where more than friends from both the contestants and press, we both denied it. We really where just friends.......

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