forty eight

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Christmas is tomorrow and so is the Christmas party which I'll be hosting this year. The annual Christmas party is always a fun time, the annoying part is preparing, but luckily, Louis and Ara are at The Dollhouse helping set up for tomorrow's big event.

"Harry," Louis hangs a candy cane decoration on the big Christmas tree, "you know how Holly and Ara were on the phone the other day?"


"Well, I might've overheard a tad too much" Louis says, stepping on a small stool to put up another ornament high on the tree.

"What do you mean?"

"They were talking about the whole murder situation" Louis whispers, his hands on his hips.

"How'd you know in the first place?"

"Ara told me. We tell each other everything" Louis says.

"So, Elsie, huh? I actually had a bit of a laugh when I heard that" Louis scratches his head.

"What's so funny about it?" I ask.

"Nothing, just she seems so laid back and quiet. Never in a million years would I think she'd ever do anything like that," Louis shrugs, "has Zayn heard about this?"

"No, and he won't be. We don't even know for sure if it is Elsie, she's just a suspicion." I say, hanging another ornament on the Christmas tree.


After hanging all the little ornaments on the tree, Louis and I go into the smaller living room where the kitchen is and the dolls are.

Louis and I sit down on the blue couch. Louis goes to grab a chocolate cookie from the plate in front of us, but Juliet smacks his hand away.

"They're for tomorrow!" Juliet says, rolling her big brown eyes.

"Relax," Louis gets a cookie, "just taking one."

Juliet rolls her eyes once again before meeting Lola, Macy and Dakota back in the kitchen.

"Quite a bitch you have there, Harry" Louis says, looking back at Juliet with a disgusted look.

I sigh, "She can be nice sometimes."

Louis chuckles, "When you're not talking to Holly? Or anyone? She's nothing but jealous"

"Where is Holly, anyway?" I ask.

"I don't know," Lola says from the kitchen, "maybe thinking of ways to be even the tiniest bit useful."

I give Lola a serious look, "Watch it Lola."

"Yeah, watch it Lola" Louis winks at Lola.

"So, you have two bitches in The Dollhouse? Juliet and Lola." Louis says.

"I'm not a bitch, Louis" Juliet says.

"You're not in this conversation, Juliet" I turn around and say.

"Well, you're talking about me. Shouldn't you be talking about Holly like you always do?" Juliet says.

I turn around to look at Juliet again and roll my eyes.

Louis chuckles loudly, "She's a jealous one!"

"Why are you picking on me? You said Lola was a bitch too?"

"Yeah, but there's a difference. Lola is hot when she's bitchy, you're annoying" Louis smiles with sarcasm.

"You're such a dick, Lou-"

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