Chapter 2: Memory Lane

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- "Marines, huh? Think you'll ever go back?" Castiel asked. Dean nodded and swirled his coffee in his hand.

- "Hopefully not to Iraq but all I really know is being a Marine, it's who I am; hard to give up something like that, and with the rank I'm at...I can't just quit," Dean sighed and continued, "I have to find my two - friends - families too so I can give them their dog tags."

- "I've heard the worst thing to do is make friends with the other soldiers during the war, it never ends well."

- Dean shrugged, "Yeah, but it'll give you more motivation to fight harder. I got to know my comrades because war is already terrible enough, everybody needs that someone to cry with."

- Castiel gave a small smile to his hands. Something about Iraq seemed to trouble him as much as it does Dean.

- " - I can't help but notice that you...look sadder whenever Iraq is mentioned," Dean hesitantly said, "Why's that?"

- "That's a story for a different time." Castiel's sternness made him a little frightening, then he walked away from Dean and behind a door so Dean lost sight of him. He sighed and made his way back to a laughing Charlie and Dorothy, sullenly sitting down in the chair beside them.

- "What's up with you, Deanie?" Charlie asked.

- For once in a lifetime, Dean didn't correct her with her terrible nickname. Instead, he leaned back and let out a huff.

- "I asked him why he always saddens whenever something about Iraq pops up and he said 'that's a story for a different time' and walked off. He kinda scared me with his tone, and I don't scare easily."

- Dorothy stiffled a laugh while Charlie spoke, "Why are you so concerned?" She asked with a mischievous grin.

- "He seems to be a nice guy, but I guess - "

- "It's just a hard subject for him," Dorothy said, "maybe if you two get closer he'll tell you some time; we got lucky for him to tell us about it. Castiel will crack open if you get close enough to him, or in him, either way -"

- Charlie's grin grew bigger and she nodded in agreement with her girlfriend, saying, "I believe he will crack if you get inside him so go."

- Dean made a disgusted face and excused himself to 'use the bathroom' even though he is planning on looking for Castiel. He walked into the bathroom and heard faint murmuring.

- "Tomorrow you have to leave, I'm leaving tonight. No, you can not miss this one too, last weeks you missed and people were furious, me specifically. Your plane leaves at noon and your hotel room is 314; please don't forget that again. I have to go, I have informed your driver all of the details and he will, hopefully, write them down and give it to you." The voice stopped and Dean hid in a stall to look at who it was; the whole conversation seemed to be tense. A phone started ringing again and, who Dean now knows to be Castiel, put his to his ear.

- "What, Charlie? I'm in the bathroom. You know it's a touchy - I'm not getting inside anyone! My god, you and Dorothy are disgusting. No, no, you don't have to make it detailed or anything; I do not want to hear another Destiel sex scene. Keep it in your fanfiction, Charlie. I don't know where he is and I can't talk to him anyway; because I have to leave. I'm going to California on business. I'll see if I can get some more plane tickets. Yeah, love you too."

- Dean's curiosity bumped up to one hundred percent. For working in a coffee shop and having a shítty truck, Castiel seems to be fairly wealthy.

- The bathroom door opened and closed so Dean exited the stall he had been hiding in and made his way back to Charlie and Dorothy who were making plans for a trip.

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