Chapter 2: Memory Lane

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- Dean rolled his eyes and turned into the old coffee shop he and Charlie use to go to through middle school and high-school everyday after the day ended.

- "That's disgusting, keep your wet dreams to yourself; and I'm not going to be with a guy, especially one I don't even know! I still have Lisa and - "

- Charlie closed her eyes as if trying to hold back the fumes threatening to blow out of her ears and nostrils.

- "Forget about Lisa, Dean; that was high-school and before you left for hell. She broke up with you because you were going to fight for her and her freakin' freedom, yet she dumps you on the side of the road so you can go on a suicide run and come home with two scars from getting shot! I don't care if you still love Lisa because she doesn't love you back and I just need Destiel to happen!" Charlie panted once finished with her over-dramatic rant. "Get Destiel into your head!"

- Dean opened the door and held it open until Charlie walked inside, instantly greeting many people who seemed to be friends with her, or maybe she's a regular.

- "Hey, Charlie. The usual?" A man asked without looking up and preparing a cup.

- Charlie nodded before saying "Make that double."

- The man nodded and took out a second cup, preparing it the same way he had the first. Charlie mumbled something under her breath that Dean couldn't hear while they waited for their coffee or whatever it is Charlie ordered.

- "Still going to the concert?" He asked, finally looking up but Dean couldn't see his face.

- Charlie bounced on her heels and replied "Wouldn't miss it!" Charlie glanced at Dean, "Oh, and this is Dean, a friend of mine."

- The man looked up and Dean could recognized those blue eyes from anywhere. He could have sworn he also saw a blush creep up his neck. Dean winked and the man looked away to hide his blush but it was of no use, his cheeks turned crimson red.

- "Destiel in progress!" Charlie whispered and took a sip from her coffee.

- "You're the guy from the road," Dean said and cast him a lop-sided smile.

- The man nodded and replied, "Master Sergeant Dean Winchester, right? Thanks again with the truck."

- Charlie had a mischievous smile and made her way to the table Dorothy patiently sat at and the two began talking, their conversation starting with "I bet tomorrow they'll already have had sex."

- "Yeah, how's that runnin' for you?" Dean asked and leaned against the counter.

- The man smiled and said "Great, it hasn't broken down since. I haven't told you my name, have I?" He asked while making another coffee for one of the regulars.

- "No, but I can guess it."

- "Alright, knock yourself out. I'm interested to see if you actually can."

- Dean glanced back at Charlie who was leaned up against the table and whispered something into Dorothy's ear. He had to admit that he understands why Charlie picked her.

- "Destiel - Dean and Castiel - you're Castiel."

- He smiled and nodded; Dean loved that smile already.

- "Yeah, ignore the whole Dastiel - " Dean corrected him, "sorry - Destiel - thing, I don't know how she can pair two people who don't know each other and are both straight, or at least one is."

- "She told me about you being bisexual on the ride here. I was supposedly coming here to meet Dorothy but I can tell they planned this."

- Castiel sighed and slipped off his apron after taking out his tips. He leaned his elbows against the counter and clicked his tongue.

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