Chapter 2-Hidden Pain

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Magnus and Alec walked side by side up the Institute’s front door; they hadn’t spoken much on the way back. Well, Magnus had been complaining about how rude it was that the demons had stopped him from getting the ingredients and how he was going to have to buy another shirt whereas Alec, on the other hand, had been doing his best to keep pressure on his wound and stop Magnus from noticing.

It’s not that Alec didn’t appreciate all the help the warlock provided but he didn’t want it to appear that they were taking advantage of him-no matter how much he said he didn’t mind. When he had time he would draw an iratze and feast on a giant ham, pickle and mustard sandwich then he would be as right as rain.

Magnus put a casual arm around his boyfriend as they reached the top step and knocked on the large, mahogany door.

Jace was the one who opened it, looking unusually serious. But he soon returned to his typical smiling, sarcastic self once he took a look at Magnus.

“Woah Magnus, I’m loving the new look. Let me guess…inspired by a clown right?” Jace was smiling evilly as he leant casually against the door frame.

“Funny, you continuously astound me with your immense wit.” The warlock narrowed his eyes, unimpressed with the golden haired Shadowhunter.

“No seriously,” Jace looked at Alec questioningly while still speaking to Magnus, “have you not looked in a mirror lately, I assumed you did at least every ten minutes.”

“What do you mean?” Panic was creeping in to Magnus’s voice now at the thought of messed up make-up.

Jace just raised his eyebrows mockingly.

“Move.” Magnus said as he pushed passed Jace-presumably heading to the nearest mirror Alec assumed-leaving Alec standing alone on the doorstep to face Jace.

“So I hear your shopping trip got interrupted?” Jace said, still smirking.

“Just a bit.”

“Wish I could have been there.” Jace said, clenching and unclenching his fists agitatedly.

“Why? You feeling left out, been missing me?” Alec teased lightly.

“Oh of course, I’ve been feeling lost without you Alec.” They both laughed for a moment before Jace continued. “There’s been no decent demon activity recently. I’m getting bored cooped up here all the time-there’s only so much training you can do.”

“Surely we should be grateful after the drama of Valentine. A bit of rest is well deserved.”

“Yeah but at least you get out of the house with Magnus. Clary and I spend all our time here or she goes out with Simon or visits Luke and her mum.” Jace sounded slightly dejected.

“Aw is poor Jace-y feeling left out?” Alec cooed.

“Shut up,” Jace said jokingly pushing Alec by the shoulder as they passed through the threshold. Alec did his best not to wince but rubbed his arm, playing along as best he could.

They entered the living room where Isabelle was already sitting. She rose and gave Alec a gentle hug before re seating herself on the dark red sofa. She looked about to speak but was loudly interrupted.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” cried Magnus in Alec’s general direction, emerging from the hall and entering the living space.

“What?” Alec was startled.

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