~Kathleen's POV~ 

"So I was thinking that we should go to the station to spend some time with Barry..."

"You can go, I want to continue reading your fabulous blog." 

That was the hundreth time that she asked me to go out of the house. It's not that I'm scared or anything, it's just I'm not in the mood to go out, every single time she asks me to.

"C'mon Kate! You need to go out of the house more often." Iris whined. 

"And do what?" I retorted looking at her. "I only like to talk to with you, Barry and Joe. The others give me those judging looks and I don't like it." I said putting the pillow in my face.

"You never cared about it before!" she snapped making me glare her.

"Here we go again..." I said resting my head on the bed, looking at the ceiling, waiting for her to talk about that again.

"Look, you need to. You don't want to spend the rest of your life stuck in this house!" Iris said, feeling her look on me. "I know that you aren't still well with Eric not bei-"

"Don't you dare talk about him. It's not about him." I snapped, cutting her off.

"So what's the reason?" she asked

"The reason is... I'm scared Iris." I said with teary eyes. "I don't have Eric to help me ignore them. I don't know how I'm going to move on being here..."

"Me and Barry will help you. Even now Barry being busy all the time, I'm going to help you. Now, please Kate, let's go out." she said with pleading eyes.

"Fine!" I said standing up and choosing something to wear. I picked a navy blue dress, black vans and my channel bag. I picked my phone and looked at Iris. "Let's go."

"Yay!" Iris cheered, dragging me to her car.

"Let's see Barry." she said turing her car on.

{at the station}

We went to the station and Iris was in the front and me following behing her. The detectives were doing their jobs and Joe was about to talk to someone when he saw us with a shocked look.

"Hey girls!" he said hugging us "What are you doin here?"

"We wanted to see Barry." Iris said smiling at me.

"He's in his lab as always." he said and Iris lead me to the stairs.

"Barry..." she said waiting for him to show up.

"Hey Ir-" he said and he saw that I was also in the room he ran and hugged me.

"I.need.air..." I said and he stopped to look at me. "What? You see me all the time."

"Is that... you are here. Not at home." he said grinning.

"Yeah... I should go out more." I muttered to my myself.

He stopped looking at me and continued to do his work. I don't know why he was acting like that. Grinning, smiling and hugging me all the time. That don't make sense. Maybe I'm overreacting...

{after that: Iris, Kathleen and Barry at Jitters}

Barry finally ended his stuff and we walked to Jitters because most of the cool stuff were closing. I missed having this. Going out. Talking to my friends. Laughing. Even for a short time, I'm happy. 

We were talking until Iris' phone rang.

"It's my friend, wait a sec." she said and picked the call a bit far away, not letting us hear what she's was talking about. Weird... If she's with someone, she can trust us and tell us.

"Kate!" Barry said looking at me.

"Sorry, I was just thinking..." I said finally looking at him "What were you talking?"

"I was saying that I'm glad that you got out of the house." he said 

"I need to. I don't want to spend the rest of my life homestucked." I said looking at the table.

"Kathleen, I've been dying to say this so-"

"I'm back!" Iris said sitting in her chair. "What did I miss?"

"Nothing..." Barry said with a sad face. Now I'm dying to know what he was going to say. 

Now it was Barry's turn to have a ringing phone. 

"I have to answer this. " he said and by his reaction, something happened.

"What?" me and Iris said in unison.

"I-I have to go. See ya guys later." he said walking to the door. I tried to go after him but he dissapeared in a flash.


Here's the first chapter, it's just to show a bit of Kate's relationship with Iris and Barry. Next chapter is going to include scenes from the actual show so... Spoilers :*

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