Chapter 4: Cato

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I wake up with a start. I shutter just thinking of the dream. Clove was a Capitol's toy, my precious Clover, reduced to being an object for the Capitol's enjoyment. I sit on my floor and try to carve another day into my wall. I finally get a chip of the stone and engrave a tenth day's tally on.

"Clover" I say thinking of her silky hair and her beautiful smile. "I miss you" I say and start to get bored. Two guards come to pick me up and they electro cuff me before I can even step out of my cell. They lead me to the same room and strap me into the same chair. I sit there as they hook me up to the monitor and they start to play a video. I see Clove being beat. Pain and anger well up inside of me and I fight repeatedly against my restraints.

"Where is she?" I ask angrily, more like demand. The both share a laugh and cut the video short. I try to calm myself down but fail miserably and just end up angrier. I lay on the bed angry and hurt.

"Cato would you like to see Clove?" Snow asks as he strolls casually into the room. I look at him in disbelief and nod. "Okay cuff him" he tells the guard and the electro-cuff me and lead me right behind Snow. As I follow him I calculate how long it would take to choke him to death without getting killed myself. I am quickly brought back to reality with a shock to my wrists. It doesn't hurt anymore, it just gets tingly and the tingles start to annoy me.

I walk in step with the guards and they lead me to a more open part of the building. The ceiling is glass but too high to even imagine climbing. The walls are completely smooth and perfectly rounded. There seem to be floors going up but no visible way up. This place starts to look very familiar but I have no clue why.

"Clove!" I yell as I see her and another blond girl sitting at a table under the glass roof. The light on her makes her look even more stunning, I try to run to her but they shock me to keep me back.  I wait for them to show her to me but she doesn't. She and the blonde both look at the floor even with all my struggling and yelling for Clove's attention. 

Clove finally looks up and I see how much she has changed. She looks embarrassed as I see the marks and bruises on her face.

"What did they do to you?" I ask pulling to get to her. She looks down sadly and I force my way closer even with the continuous pulse in my arms. I try to hug her but my hands are cuffed behind my back. "Can I hug Clove?" I ask desperately, but trying to keep my patience. The finally release me but make sure there are guards at every one of the two exits. I hug Clove and she shutters at my touch.

"Cato" she says weakly and I wrap he tightly in my arms "Cato I missed you" she says with very little emotion "I love you but I can't" she pulls away and I look at her confused. She turns away and starts to cry into her bruised palms. I try to comfort but she rejects me and runs to a guard. She runs straight behind a guard and I gasp in disbelief. I see the guard smirking at me. I walk away, heart-broken, and barely able to contain my rage.

The guards cuff me again and walk me to a newer cleaner cell. The sheets on the bed are clean and the floor is smoother than my old cell. They throw me in and I lay on my bed.

"Clove left me" I repeat to myself "They are messing with her mind, she's confused" I try to reassure myself. I end up making it worse and traumatize myself further.

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