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- - - - -

Amane didn't know if walking into a supposed "cursed mansion" was a good idea. Mitsuba was shaking behind Kou, too scared to step in even if it was his idea.

The old wooden door creaked, reminding them to stay alert. Amane walked in first, illuminating the path with his phone's light. Kou stepped on the huge red mat that was situated all along the floor (It made the place look fancier).

"This is not safe at all, h-how about we go home?" The pink haired boy suggested while gently pulling his boyfriend's sleeve.

"Mitsuba, you were the one that suggested exploring the 'spooky haunted mansion'"

"It was a joke! You two take things WAY too seriously!" He defended himself and sighed in annoyance.

Yugi shushed them when hearing the creak of a door "I think someone else is here"

Mitsuba shook in terror and murmured worryingly under his breath "Oh my fucking god we are going to die- I wont get to be a famous handsome photographer-"

Amane shushed him louder, shutting him up in an instant. The candles lighted up around them which was odd, but it was better than being in the dark.

When their eyes' got used to the light the black haired boy saw a girl's face in front of him. A high pitched "Hey" was all it took for the trio to scream.

"Okay I am gonna need you to shut up, I don't want to wake up Tsukasa yet." She cleared her voice,

"Welcome to my mansion! My name is Yashiro Nene, you can call me Nene-chan." The girl was really pale, she had bright red eyes and small white fangs. She wore a cute 'lolita' white dress that had some fake flowers as decoration.

Kou picked up some dust with his fingers "Why is this place so dusty?" Mitsuba gave him an 'Are you serious?' look.

"We don't get visitors often because of the rumours, they often run away when realizing we are 'scary vampires'. Take off your shoes before going to explore further, I'll make you some tea for the meantime." She smiled brightly while her red eyes examined her visitors.

The trio took off their shoes and looked around. Most of the stuff here was very old- and could possibly be sold for a fortune! The trio sat on the dusty, red couch.

"Should we try to escape? She's not looking, it's out opportunity!"
"But they're vampires! They can do the scary dead stuff like drink blood and stuff!"

"How about we see if they're actually dangerous, if they end up being friendly we will hang out with them for a while and leave. If not, Kou will exorcise them." Amane told the other two.

"Sure, but if we end up dead I will kill you!" Mitsuba sighed.

After a while the young lady came out of the kitchen with hot tea. She placed it on the small wooden table in front of the sofa and sat on a chair. "So, why did you decide to come here?"

"We heard the rumours and were curious. Are you the only spirits here?" The older Yugi asked.

Yashiro hummed "There's Tsukasa, but that's all of us. I'm really glad you came here! It was getting boring." She smiled brightly, which made Amane feel sort of weird in a way. Kou checked his watch "6:30 pm.. We should get going soon, I don't want Teru-nii and Tiara to worry."

"How about you stay here for dinner? Since we're near winter it gets dark pretty fast and it's dangerous to go alone" Nene tried to convince the trio to stay. Amane looked at Kou, "We.. Will think about it."

She sighed "Good! Now let's enjoy the tea-"
"Nene Onee-chan! Good afternoon!"

A black haired boy ran down the stairs and tackled the white haired girl. She almost fell but kept her balance. "T-Tsukasa! Good afternoon to you too. Some guests have decided to stop by here, I hope you don't mind." She looked away.

He hummed "I don't mind, it means more fun for us anyways!"

"What does he mean by that?" Mitsuba whispered to Minamoto "I have no idea, maybe we're playing some games after this." Amane glared at the two, his gaze communicating to them with no words necessary; 'You both are stupid'.

The trio agreed to stay for dinner after they properly introduced themselves, even though Tsukasa threatened to chop off Mitsuba's fingers, but Nene brushed it off as a joke. Tsukasa ate messily which disturbed them a little bit, but the girl seemed used to it.

She got up from the table, excused herself quickly and exited the room after leaving her plate in the sink. Amane soon followed after. He didn't know where she had went and wasn't familiar with the layout of the mansion, so he easily got lost. That was until he heard high pitched humming nearby.

He soon found the balcony thanks to the help of Nene's voice.

"Geetings, Yugi-kun. Why are you here?"
"I heard your humming and it lead me here." He shrugged.

The girl let out a small 'Oh'. The both stared at the sky, Nene talked to Amane while looking at the stars- He liked seeing her eyes when looking at the shiny lights. She looked even more beautiful like that.

"I wish you could stay here longer but I get you don't want to worry anyone. This is a place lots of people don't like because of it's creepy aura." She turned to him, "But I'm glad I got to hang out with you!" She smiled and showed her fangs.

Yugi nodded, "I'm glad I got to talk to you too."

The clock emitted a loud bell that echoed through the halls, slowly making it's way into the kitchen. It was midnight and the boys had to go home. Amane waved goodbye to Yashiro as he closed the door, she waved back.

"See you soon."

- - - - -

1000 words, edited.

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