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Smairuhh has never had so many haters in her entire life and it has been a bit of an adjustment, mentally & emotionally & definitely spiritually, but you know what, YOU KNOW WHAT, it's also kind of exhilarating. When people are saying you're an idiot & the worst & that you suck & that you should die & and that they personally are going to kill you, it usually just means you're right about something, so.

Gif: Haters hate themselves because you're a reflection of who they wish they could be

The reason for all the haters - aside from the fact that haters are a natural byproduct of things like fame, success, truth - is that she has gone all-in on the so-called Qynkazel conspiracy theory. Which: it is not a conspiracy theory, it is a complete fact of truth, but whatever, no one ever said being right was easy.

It's just, very clear, to Smairuhh, that Qynka & Azelbeth are dating, and that they are in love, and that this has been going on for a long time, seasons, who even knows, but a long time, even though they have never been seen in public together, and have never actually officially interacted except for the Arena Mall Battle, and in fact the entire narrative of their lives since birth has been that they have essentially been genetically engineered and raised to mortally hate each other.

(Which would obviously be the perfect cover for a relationship that intense.)

Smairuhh has gone through all extant data related to Qynka and cross-referenced it with Azelbeth's lifestream and pulled together a definitive timeline for their relationship. It actually goes much deeper than she thought - there's never been any question in her mind that they are in love NOW - but the fact that it goes way way back, even earlier than Qynka's relationship with Lamantine ffs, was a huge revelation. Major. She had to lie down. She got 5k followers just for saying that part online alone. And possibly, she doesn't want to come right out and say it, but Qynkazel may have even been a major factor in the dissolution of Lamaqynk.


-Widely documented awareness of Qynka increasingly spending more and more time at the Finehome Mansion, even though she never once spent time with them previously, or expressed even the slightest interest in doing so.

-The whole time Qynka was on High/Low, the SuperFine Trio were running a pop-up in the Genuine Nourishment halls right nearby, a collaboration with Fionah to celebrate their single Imagine a Standard Protocol. Which means Qynka and Azelbeth were basically right next door to each other every day and could have easily interacted whenever they wanted. And, in fact, you have to wonder if the entire idea of the pop-up store was simply a cover to facilitate their clandestine meetings. (Galaxy brain: finally an explanation for Qynka attending High/Low at all, when she was already too old and had too many followers for high school!(!!!)) At the very least Qynka would have had ample reason to just wander past and exchange knowing looks with Azelbeth.

-Way back, when Metromycin had that really bad season on Mystery Vibe, which was a really difficult experience for her. Metromycin did a series of posts where she was very vulnerable with her fans, responding very transparently to their questions. Lots of people commented a lot of different things on those posts, but on three (3) of them, Qynka and Azelbeth posted identical words of support and love and affirmation. Three times. Almost as if they weren't saying those words to Metromycin at all, But. To. Each. Other.

-Surely not a coincidence that Qynka spent an entire season training to be on Huntyyy, only to bail at the last second, which coincidentally was right before the SuperFine Trio released their new video Deamon Process on Host 106, which was a huge event that Qynka surely would have had to miss if she'd actually been on Huntyyy.

-The time Qynka was on a date with Lamantine in the Forest District, there was this brief scene where Qynka sang Azelbeth's verse on the SuperFine single Production-Ready Physical Connection to Lamantine. And everyone laughed and at the time took it as disrespectful to Azelbeth. But in retrospect it's plain to see this was a hidden message to Azelbeth across time and space, saying I am physically with Lamantine but I am mentally and emotionally with you, Azelbeth. Like... breaks your heart.

-There's other stuff but you get it. It's a lot of evidence piling up, OK, you just have to spend one second looking.

And everyone keeps saying Well if they're together why don't they act like it, as if the amount of hate Smairuhh receives every day for merely suggesting that this union exists isn't proof of exactly why they can't. The city would tear itself apart.

And then there's the question of why is this theory just now coming to light, and honestly that is actually a good question, and Smairuhh is happy to go into the whole sub-theory about Arkkelina not liking Qynka and forcing Azelbeth to choose Qynka or her, and so her death is the reason that at long last all this information is coming to light.

And then there's a larger question of if Qynka & Azelbeth are so in love would Qynka really kill Arkkelina, and wouldn't that be unforgivable from Azelbeth's perspective. And those are all legit considerations, but a) the Arena Mall was just business, it wasn't anything personal, and b) think about how hard Qynka & Azelbeth must have been working to fight each other for everyone's entertainment when in fact they mostly just wanted to kiss and scream about their relationship publicly, you have to really have respect about that. And c) Arkkelina's death was just an accident but Qynkazel was strong enough and real enough for them to work through it obviously.

Oh and yes Qynkazel is the official ship name. Someone suggested Qynklbeth but Smairuhh used her influence within the fandom to tamp that down real quick.

It's almost too much or Smairuhh to endure, but she will happily do it, for the sake of the truth and being right.

But even beyond than the haters, Smairuhh's journalistic philanthropy around Qynkazel has brought all kinds of new positive relationships into her life. Not just the thousands of new followers, although love those. She medically deserves a _sort_by_trauma top for all her hard work and abuse. She's also started seeing someone. Vibafloxyn. A girl from the fandom. She has 115k followers and does a really amazing impression of handbag designers.

It's wild how focusing so obsessively on a celebrity you've never met can bring so many other new relationships into your life. Things with Vibafloxyn are still early but going well so far. But it's hard, balancing work and personal relationships. When that work is what brought you together and then you worry if you stop then they will stop loving you, but also they want to hang out with you they don't want you to work. It's very complicated. It's a real existential dilemma, how much to focus on the external relationship so that it helps maintain the internal one.

Anyways. At the end of the day it's like. Of course Qynkazel is real. It's utterly woven into the fabric of reality.


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