Ch. 1

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Chapter One


           The sun was brightly shimmering indicating that it was midday which means I need to cook lunch for my family in a few minutes. It wouldn't be easy though, I've just survived another punishment from my deadbeat stepmother, Tess. My limbs and muscles ache terribly whenever I move too much.

The bruises on my arms and legs are visible but are already fading, although I know my vindictive stepmother would just inflict some more making the bruises seem like a tattoo because they were never vanishing. That's not even the worst of it, wait til you get a glimpse of my torso. There's almost little to no spot that isn't black, blue, and purple. It's very disturbing and painful.

The beating would only happen when my father is out for work. The problem is he's always working, leaving for many consecutive weeks before coming back only for a day or two. Unfortunately, today was one of those days.

Even if my dad comes home, my half-sister and the stepmonster would act like complete angels. I'd have to hide my bruises and scars from my dad so to avoid the wrath of my stepmother.

My father loves me, I know that, but he's rarely home and he barely has a clue of what happens to me whenever he leaves the house. I never told him because I felt scared to. All I can do is wait til I'm 18 before I can finally leave this hellhole of a house.

I actually heal quicker than a human, but still slower than wolverine, especially with scars and bruises like mine. That's because I'm special. Not the 'sideways-in-the-head' special, I mean the 'magic-powers-alakazam' special.

Yes, I have powers.

Everyone in this house has magical powers except for Marie, my half-sister. Marie was born a mundane, I don't know how that happened seeing both her parents are magical. Probably a gene altercation or something. A mundane is a person that don't possess powers at all, technically considered a human.

Because of that, Marie got very jealous of me resulting to more cruel occurences.

I, however, as my father said possess the four elemental abilities: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. He told me that I was a very unique being and he took pride in that. For the times that he was home, he'd teach me how to control my powers properly, and how to harness it. He was patient with me, teaching me the basics. I appreciated that.

When he wasn't home, I'd read the books he provided about powers and our magical species and such. I found more books a couple of years ago in the basement about physics, biology, literature, and other interesting topics from shakespeare to romance novels. I took a fondness to reading after that. I turned the basement and my room into a mini-library with the books my father gave me and the ones that I found or bought which is plenty.

I perk up at the sound of the branches tapping against my bedroom window. Shaking my head to rid of my thoughts, I take a look at my old wall clock. I don't have a phone, the stepmonster never allowed me to, saying that I would only use it to find some pipe I can spread my legs to.  Although, Marie has one.

I put on my most prized possession, my real mother's ring that she gave me when she passed on my left pointer finger, as it glows a light purple. It kinda makes me think that she's with me whenever I wear it, as if she's watching over me. (photo above)

The clock read eleven-forty-three. Time to serve the beasts. I huff out a breath before stalking down the stairs to the kitchen.

I was about to gather my ingredients when a wilted succulent on top of the counter caught my attention. Its leaves were weathering and turning brown. A frown etched on my face, my stepmother couldn't even take care of one simple plant. I'm not surprised, afterall she can roughly sustain two people, I have to do that for her. I have to do everything for everyone.

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