Hi, I'm Kathleen Beckett, but I prefer being called Kate. I'm 21 years old and I was born and raised in Central City. Until I left 3 years ago, cause' I was all over the media. Why? Well, sit down because it's going to be an hell of story.

When I was little, I was a good girl. Liked to laugh, dance, sing, make people happy... And I wasn't like the other kids that was naive about some subjects. I always knew everything, cause my parents enjoyed talking to me about it. I was and still curious. But there was one particular thing that even people telling me, I didn't know 100%:


I never felt it and I wanted to know how it's like to be in love. So, when I was 12, I started to date some guys from my school. Some started to make fun of me, and I didn't knew why. That's when I met Iris. She helped me and Barry is his way helped me too.  

However, when I hit puberty, especially on senior year, I still continued to have guys in life, even famous ones that I won't name it. The media started to call me Blank Space. I didn't care, I got used to and with all that happening, I still haven't felt love.

That's when I met Eric. He was like me: funny, crazy, stubborn... We made each other crazy but I loved him. Yeah, I said the three little words to him. And he said back. Finally knew what it was love, and I was happy about it. 

Until life took him away from me. We were driving from Eric's parents house. A drunk guy hit our car and he didn't make it. The worst was when a nurse came to check on me and found a little box with a ring on it. He was going to propose to me. 

Iris and Barry tried to confort me. They were really good friends. But I couldn't move on cause' media was still chasing me up and down, anywhere I go they were there asking:

"How are feeling with Eric not being around anymore?"

"Did you still liked him?"

"The guy that hit your car knew you?"

"Were you cheating on him?" 

They got worse and I lost my mind. So I left Central City and for three years I stayed on L.A. It was good there, I met some people and nobody knew about me. When I was finally deciding to stay there, Iris called me saying that Barry got strucked by lightining and he was on coma.

I flew my way to Central City but I was all the time trying to escape from the media. And it worked. When he woke up, I always relieved and after Iris begging, I stayed on their place. But rarely I went out of the house because I was scared. 

Now Iris needed my help for her blog about "The Streak". Since she is best friend, I accepted. But I needed to get out. I need to live, even if it's for a short time. I never would thought that I'd change my life because of a stupid blog.


I hope you guys like it. I think it's way better. But please vote, comment or anything and I'll post the first chapter today. Shitty author's note, I know.

<3 <3 <3 U GUYS


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