Holiday Special Part 1

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Happy Early Holidays! It's actually quite early to be posting this, but as you see the title above, Part 1! Anyways, this will probably the last special for a while.... But enjoy it! A lot of things happen here that do advance the story a little further. Anyways, thank you so much for reading... and Enjoy!


        I wake up earlier than normally, thanks to the new radio alarm Neil got for each and every one of us.

        Radio Announcer: Good Morning, folks. It's December 23rd, two more days till' Christmas. Here's some music to get you into the mood.... (Christmas[Baby, please come home] starts playing)

        I get up and stretch. I go to my closet to pull out all of the presents that have been there since Black Friday. I know, it sounds cheap to buy all your presents on Black Friday, but hear me out. Do you really think a fifteen year old who doesn't have a job could afford gifts for twenty to twenty-five people? Not that I am complaining, but you know, almost dying on Black Friday is better than not giving them anything.

        Anyways, I start wrapping their presents. Yes, this late because I know the kids have been pinching the wrapping paper off the other presents. If I wrap them now, and later put them under the tree early this morning, maybe they could remain a surprise.

        After I'm done wrapping, and clean up the mess of paper, tape, and ribbons my room has become. I quickly get dressed to go with Troy. I have to admit... I do look a bit too fancy... Enough to look as if it were a date. But it's not a date, I'm just helping him get into the Holiday spirit. I open my door, with a bag full of presents to put under the huge tree in the living room. Trying to take them downstairs will probably take a long time due to the fact that the bag is pretty heavy. But I eventually get to the tree, and start to put the presents there.

        "You know... I expected the pinching from the children. But not you," I hear someone say. I turn around and see Matt there, holding a Poinsettia. "For you."

        "Thank you," I take hold of the festive flower, "I've never seen one so bright and beautiful."

        "Well, thank you. I grew them myself," he says shyly.

        "Really? I have never seen them grow in your garden... If they weren't there... Where did they grow then?"

        "On the rooftop garden."

        "We have a rooftop garden?"

        "Yeah, well... It's just mine. It's where I spend most of my time at."

        That was true. I haven't really gotten to get to know Matt due to the fact that he's never around. I give myself a mental giggle, of course, he is Milo's brother after all. "Oh..." I say, a bit disappointed since I really wanted to go see it. The gardens down here are very beautiful and elegant, but I want to see the one on top. Perhaps just to see if it is as beautiful as the garden down here.

        "Come with me," he says, taking hold of my hand. He takes me to a secret stairway, and next thing I know, I am inside a greenhouse.

        "Wow," is all I say. I've never seen so many flowers and plants. I look around more, and even open the doors out from the greenhouse, and find myself in arbors made entirely out of vines and roses. I keep going forward until the very end, and finally see the breath-taking view. "Wow."

        "I know, it's all beautiful, right? I wanted it to look like a fantasy, so I built the arbor way to look... I don't know, like if you have just walked right into heaven."

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