Chapter Seven Part Two: The Thing She Had That I Didn't Was This

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Chapter Seven, Part Two: The Thing She Had That I Didn't Was This

Adrianna was jealous. Yes, he'd kissed her and she'd even seen the bitch watching them, but that wasn't enough for her. Julian was an idiot and he never knew what he wanted, she could see. One moment, he was kissing her, then he'd switch to the bitch and then switch back to her. It all happened in just two days, and it was pissing her off.


bastard! I'll make sure that when we find a way out of here, I have him begging for me to come back to him, and I'm going to make sure that miserable bitch never leave that house. Let her die. Frustrated with herself and the world around her, Adrianna kicked at something that looked like a large stone poking out of the snow and ground. Her mind whispered something softly, then. Let her be killed, and then she tripped over the "rock."

What's worse? She made a face plant. "AHHH!" she screamed, her frustration leaking out. "FUCKING STONE IN MY FUCKING WAY!" She stood up, having already made a scene of herself to the other twenty people walking, and stalker over to the stone, shining her light upon it. What she saw was no stone.

Chaos broke out.


Deva was back in bed, trying to read through the diaries in peace. Problem is, so was Isaac and he wasn't being very cooperative with silence with the small comments he kept making every now and then. There was also Julian, who refused to leave Deva alone with Isaac, and so had decided to read some diaries too to pass away the time. When did my private search become public? Deva grumbled silently, glaring above the pages of her current diary at the two men; Julian with his auburn mess of hair flopping over his face now that he was bent over a book and Isaac's clean, black, straight hair covered slightly by a hat he'd been wearing earlier.

She sank back into the book, huffing out a sigh. Reading had never been this hard for her... "Do you guys hear that?" Isaac had been the one to speak, looking up from his stack of diaries. Deva raised an eyebrow, not sure what he mean, and he raised his hand in a Shhh manner. Deva and Julian listened, Issac looking at their faces for confirmation.

At first, there was nothing but silence outside, which wasn't much of a surprise. Deva looked to the clock, a bit annoyed. That's when her clock went from 11:59 to midnight. By midnight, she will die. The words stuck in her head, just as a noise finally permeated the silence. A scream. Downstairs, the door was thrown open. Bodies slammed to the ground and all over the place as they ran in.

The three of them didn't waste any time after that, Deva leading as she slammed her own door open and raced for and down the stairs, the two guys following behind at her heels. At the hallway, Deva was almost trampled by screaming and panicked residents. The one's who'd left the Mansion in the first place. I knew they'd come back, but not screaming.

When they'd all made their way to the kitchen and slammed the door shut on Deva and the others, they were forced to look behind them. "What caused them to freak out so bad they'd lock themselves in the kitchen, I wonder," Isaac said aloud, staring at the kitchen door. Deva turned to the front door, all the way at the end of the Grand Foyer, and narrowed her eyes. Something disturbing was drifting through the wide open door, and it was annoying her virus. It felt jittery and unsure, which was weird considering the thing only ever wanted to kill.

Then she cursed herself. "Isaac, run to my room - and I mean run - and get my katana. Now." Isaac ran, not bothering to question her for the fact that her eyes were flashing red now. It was the second time in a row her eyes weren't changing color, and Julian saw it. Tense, Deva took one step forward, and a laugh erupted from nowhere in particular. It wafted through the air, strong, rich and dark all at once. Deva stepped back, confused but Julian was as cold as a stone, unable to move. He knew that laugh.

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