Chapter 2

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Chapter 2:

Picture of the day: Chris Harrison portrayed by Rob Moore.

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I can faintly hear the chirping of the birds outside. Damn, why are they so loud?

“Chris.” I smiled when I heard Leon’s voice from afar. Wow, he’s even appearing in my dreams now. I moaned when I felt a hand caressing my neck. Oh Leon…I can even feel your touch under my skin and…wait, what?!

I quickly opened my eyes and saw Leon unbuttoning my shirt. “What the hell are you doing?!!” I asked as I threw the pillow to his face.

“Changing your clothes.” He quickly answered.

“Why thank you. I can do that for myself.” I pushed his hands away and took off my shirt before jumping out of the bed. I stretched and yawned and finally faced Leon who was patiently waiting beside my bed.

“What’s my schedule for today?” I asked walking towards the bed to get my suit that was neatly arranged by Leon.

“After breakfast, you have a meeting with the CEO of the Bertrand Company. Then, you’ll have a lunch meeting the Lanloise. In the afternoon yo have an arrangement dinner with the Leighton’s daughter, Ms. Kayla Leighton.” He recited.

“Damn. So much meeting, why can’t my mother do all of that?” I mumbled and he smiled at me.

“You did say you can handle all of the works, right?” Leon teased and I glared at him.

“Well yeah but sitting down on the chair all day with some old men talking about business isn’t fun.” I complained. I pulled my pants off and Leon took it from me to fold it.

“That’s your work. Deal with it.” He said.

I sighed. I can already feel the frustration slowly killing me. I was woken up when Leon was pulling off my boxers and I blushed at the action. Geez, he always treat me like I’m a spoiled kid.

“You know I can do that too, right?” I asked as I watched him take it off, the cold air biting my exposed crotch.

He looked up to me and I blushed. “W-what?”

“Nothing.” Leon smirked. “You’re hard.”

My eyes widened and I immediately covered my crotch. “I-it’s just morning erection!”

“Really?” He pulled my hand away staring at my already rising member. “Then it won’t mind if I do this?” Leon flicked the head of my cock and I let out a groan.

“D-damn you!!” Leon chuckled and played with the tip of my head. I want to get away from him but I can’t move my body.

“And now you’re wet.” He commented and indeed the trail of cum was oozing out of my member. I hate it when he tells me everything he sees. Damn tease!

“I wonder what we should do.” Leon asked with a smirk plastered on his face. I can already picture my face and it’s making me more embarrassed even more.

“L-leon…” I panted his name out. I held both of his shoulders to support my already weakening body.


“It hurts…” I finally breathed out.

Leon stood up and pushed me on the bed, my feet still touching the floor.

I threw my head to the side when he took my cock inside his mouth, eating me whole.

“Leon, no!!” I covered my mouth the muffle my screams. It feels so good, so good I can’t even feel anything but his mouth sucking my cock like it’s a piece of ice cream. I closed my eyes in pleasure.

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