wait Today Is "WHAT"

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Last time Y/n Spoke and found out what happened to his/Her Friend and decided to help her and after that he went to his use to be local gym and this is what happened

Ok If you want to  how they look just search a hentai manga called fitness and the three girls that pop up are them  


None Pov:

We see Y/n Outside of Gym So he went inside to see what has changed 

Y/n: Man *looks around* Things have have changed *sigh* i better leave or i see THEM Here

Y/n Then turns around to walk out but before he could leave he saw THEM Walking in laughing with each other until they saw me and looked surprised and grinned and started going to him

Y/n Mind: Fuck my life i swear if he touches me im rider kicking him into a wall and here they come

As y/n they came into view three girls and a guy and he has the most cocky face 

???: Well Well Well look who decided to drop by my punching bag i thought you ran away because i fucked your three girls and beat your ass but my assumption was wrong

This Asshole is Fujikiri he is the one who got with my ex's and beat me until i was almost dead and the reason my best friend committed suicide 

???: Is that really Y/n Wow he really changed but still a loser i see

Is Girl is ex 1 Araruno She was my first girlfriend until i found That she was cheating on me with Fujikiri because he was more handsome and had more money 

???: Oh hey Y/n long time no see *rubs Elbow Awkwardly*

This is Ex 2  Hirani She was my friend that stayed with me when my other friend died but one night i see her cheating on me the same guy with my other ex when i found out she tried to talk to me and clear things up but i just ignored her


The one staying slient is my third ex  Enoba she is the owner of the gym i funded the whole thing to get this building built but then i found out she cheated on me when the gym was closed 

Y/n: I just came here for old memories that is all i should be leaving now 

Y/n Starts Walking away passing them until the asshole Just had to say something

Fujikiri : Thats why your freind jumped off that roof he is just like you weak as fuck

Y/n Stopped and gave him the most scariest Glare of all time 

Y/n Stopped and gave him the most scariest Glare of all time 

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Y/n: WHAT DID YOU SAY *starts reaching for key*

Fujikiri: I said Your Weak like that pussy boy bitch that jump off the roof beacuase i fucked his crush and friend What are you gonna do about it 

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