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friends. laundryday

always. rex orange county

where is my mind?. pixies

let it happen. tame impala

redbone. childish gambino

money trees. kendrick lamar, jay rock

...baby one more time. the marias

homage. mild high club

why do you feel so down. declan mckenna

sadderdaze. the neighborhood

dead to me. kali uchis

aftermath. caravan palace

boys will be bugs. cavetown

breeze blocks. alt-j

as the world caves in. matt maltese

fight or flight. conan gray

treat me like a human being. morrissey

mercel. her's

best part. daniel caesar, h.e.r.

i cant handle change. roar

waste. brockhampton

apricot princess. rex orange county

see you again. tyler the creator, kali uchis

broken clocks. sza


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how to use spotify code:

mobile ver. ( from what i can tell you cant import codes through desktop :(( )

1. screenshot the code 2. open spotify  3. click the search bar 4. click the camera icon located next to the cancel button 5. "select from photos" 


-i'm bad at writing

-there will be suggestive language and cursing

-i might mess up on the honorifics sorry if that offends anybody :(

-if i make any mistakes please correct me buy please try to refrain from flaming me and crushing my self esteem <3

-please feel free to roast my music taste tho (except for always and homage thats some good shit)

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