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Hanako loved donuts. I mean- they tasted amazing! But the thing he loved more than that was Yashiro Nene, his lovely assistant.

He loved everything about that girl, from her white hair with teal tips that flowed beautifully when outside to her cute radish like ankles. He loved her to bits.

Yashiro, like in every story, loved him back. And when they finally got together she got so excited and happy she couldn't think properly the rest of the day. Her thoughts were just Hanako and his mischevious smile that never failed to make her fall in love with him all over again.

And after a few months, they found themselves hanging out in the library. Reading Nene's favorite romance novel.

The work was cheesy, but he liked getting to see Nene flustered over a fictional scenario. It was cute. Although he hoped it wasn't because of the guy in the book, he surely was better than him!

Yashiro sighed lovingly, snapping out of her daze to see Hanako staring at her. Just sitting there and staring. "What?"

"You don't like that dude, do you?"

The girl started laughing, which sent Hanako into a blushing mess. "It's not like I am jealous or anything! I was curious, plus I am sooo much better than him" He smiled confidently, his face still a red mess.

"It's so obvious Hanako-kun!" Nene laughed.

"So do you like him? If you do then," He pointed at the pretty female protagonist, "I like her!"

Yashiro cried, lightly punching his arm "Eh!? No fair, is it because of her ankles? Are mine too radish shaped?" The ghost chuckled "I'm just messing with you, your ankles are cute."

"Yeah my ankles are- wait wha-" The girl processed what he said midway through saying something. She blushed and looked away.

"Y-You really think so?"

Hanako smiled "Of course, you're my girlfriend after all. Does Yashiro like getting complimented?" She nodded.

He made the white haired girl face him, cupping her squishy cheeks "You're so cute-" he said before covering her face with light kisses. Nene giggled, her stomach felt like there were butterflies in it.

It felt nice, she wanted moments like these to last forever.

"Hey, Hanako-kun," She called out his name lovingly, they made eye contact.
"I love you." She leaned in for a sweet kiss, which Hanako gladly accepted.

After their lips parted, he buried his face on her neck, "I love you too."

If he had to choose between Yashiro or donuts, he would choose her any day.

- - - - -

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